Is the Breggruen Institute a cabal of wealthy pig demons Is the Breggruen Institute working towards a Global Inhumane Technocracy and AI Matrix for a foreign secret service?

Written by Dr. Max Stone

October 2013 Jeff Bezos buys Washington Post

In October 2013, the Graham family sold the newspaper to Nash Holdings, a holding company established by Jeff Bezos, for $250 million.

January 10th ,2014 – Jeff Bezos gives Washington Post power to Breggruen Institute to create a platform for a network of the most powerful people in world.

Shortly after Jeff Bezos purchase of Washington Post, Arianna Huffington (who created Huffington Post) with Nicolas Berggruen of Berggruen Institute (which Arianna is part of the Berggruen Network) created a new website which was merged with Washington Post to become “World Post”. * The name of the 2014 publication has changed since then.

“The website will be launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and few of the contributors for this website include British former prime minister Tony Blair, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Google chief executive Eric Schmidt.” – Nicolas Berggruen

Both Tony Blair and Eric Schmidt (Co-Founder of Google) are members of the Berggruen Network (members showcased on the Berggruen Institute’s websites Network section.  Nicolas Berggruen was listed as involved with Bill Gates “The Giving Pledge”.  The Breegruen Institute is a despicable disgusting world of AI, Robots, Cashless Society, Globalism, Indoctrination and Chinese Technology (AI, ROBOT, GENE SPLICING, CYBORGS, SMART DEVICE IMPLANTS FOR HUMANS).  Although I am from USA, my understanding is that Tony Blair was one of the longest running Prime Ministers in UK. Also Gordon Brown the PM after Tony Blair, is also a member of this network.

The views on the site rationalize Globalism as well as Transhumanism (think tanks for how to integrate cyborgs into the world, global pandemic for new global unapproved biosensor and mrna vaccine technology to experiment on the masses leading to the long desired neural link if they successfully kill humanity on earth, ridiculous climate change discussions for the cause of a engineered society to love global geoengineering).  Council for the Future of Europe is a Berggruen Institute project to keep the EU the EU and to work on expanding to the NAU and other major area Unions that interlock as rings like Olympic Rings of Saturn and Audi Logo to make the NWO.

Jack Dorsey who has been censoring people regularly on his “Twitler” (spell wrong with a Hitler twist on purpose , because Jack is a Jack ass tyrannical little social dictating bitch!) is also a member of this network.  So is James Cameron (Globalist / Avatar film), Condalisa Rice (runs private consulting firm for Motorola) Eric E. Schmidt is also on the Board Of Directors Ray Chambers (Ambassador WHO for Global Strategy).  Also Stephen A. Schwarzman is Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Blackstone (Ref: Jacob Rothschild was affiliated with Blackstone , parent company of Freescale Semiconductor company which was accused of hijacking MH370 March 8th, 2014 to kill / eliminate Asian inventors on KL-03 microchip patent – Check out Diego Garcia track by Dr. Max Stone Feat Epicsode on The Compound LP – we covered this back in 2014).   Mr. Schwarzman is a member of The Council on Foreign Relations, The Business Council, The Business Roundtable, The International Business Council of the World Economic Forum, and the Berggruen Institute on Governance’s 21st Century Council.  Elon Musk of tesla is also a member of the network. There are several previous UK Prime Ministers and UN Elites in the Berggruen Network.  In fact Tony Blair the longest sitting Prime Minister in UK history is a member of the network.  He was also previously a member of the Council for the Future of Europe and The WorldPost Advisory Council (the Jeff Bezos / Berggruen Network merge to create the World Post).  Other Big Tech bastards that are members of this Marxist network are Evan Spiegel (SnapChat) and Reid Hoffman (Co Founder Linked in and Greylock).  Those two are also on board of directors of the institute.  Reid Hoffman specializes in Human Artificial Intelligence. He is on the non-profit board for Standfords Human-Centered AI  initiative.  He also wrote this prune brain article about Bill Gates and Corona Virus.  Also getting payment to go quick through phone was a stepping stone to the digital ID and implant they are still trying to force on society.  Jack Dorsey is the founder of Square which was for simply processing payments through your smart phone.  A stepping stone to smart device compatible biosensor implants.  Elon Musk was a co-founder of Paypal with Peter Thiel (Plantir) who was pushing Pre-Cog thought crime / though police software that required a neural link.  Peter Thiel and Trump had some business hand shakes, unfortunately Trump pushing this software  for Peter’s company to predict crimes with such software was one of Trump’s ugly moments as a prepresident.  Operation Warp Speed was also pathetic.

FACEBOOK CEO Shelly Sandberg (or Sandbag)  and Jack Dorsey both were on the board of directors for Walt Disney (a common place where NWO Satanists look to feed their hunger for evil are places where children go in large numbers) until they both left at the same time due to conflicts with each other according to Disney, yet Jack Dorsey is a member of this network and you can see Shelly Sandberg in the picture above with Nick Berggruen himself.

Nick Berggruen the long time proud of being a Marxist fuck face philanthropist is also a real estate investor whose investment firm called Berggruen Holdings. This firm purchased both residential and commercial property across the globe in Tel Aviv, Berlin, Istanbul, and the American West Coast. In Tel Aviv, Berggruen worked with architect Richard Meier to design a luxury-apartment complex on Rothschild Boulevard. He also helped Gov Jerry Brown fuck up California by a sky rocket in taxes.  He is a member of the infamous Council on Foreign Relations.  He is also a member of the World Economic Forum.

“Founded in 2006, Berggruen Residential Ltd. manages the development of a unique luxury real estate project in Israel. The Meier-on-Rothschild, a 42-story ultra-luxury residential tower designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Richard Meier, is a joint venture between Berggruen Holdings, the U.S.-based private investment firm headed by Nicolas Berggruen and leading Israeli real estate company, the Hagag-Cohen Group.”

“Selected as the most beautiful tower in Tel Aviv before it was even built it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to live at Tel Aviv’s most prestigious address. Located at 36 Rothschild Boulevard, Meier-on-Rothschild is on track for completion in 2015. Meier-on-Rothschild contains 141 units boasting 10-foot (3 meter) ceilings and unparalleled views.”

Source: The Mier on Rothschild Linked in

Wow look at all the times they did number six….  the year is 2006 (you write a date with last 2 numbers thats a 6), it is located on 36 (a 3 and a 6) rothschild, 141 units is 6  and was finished in 2015 (1+5 is 6)

The Israeli secret service called The Mossad is also located in Tel-Aviv.  They currently have a project that is looking for new big tech players and offering large grants for the same subjects that Nick’s institute and network research and/or specialize in.  Their project is called “Libertad” and you can see what I am referring to by reading the areas of investment and watching the videos (demonstrating the kind of Matrix world they Marxists creating).  Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos both have offices in Israel as well.  Almost all of the Big Tech USA companies are in business with Israel.  You can see the interest that The Mossad has in global big tech by reviewing the libertad project website:

UPDATES 1/21/2021

More unanswered questions:
1. Why is the first company out of USA that Bill Gates opened Microsoft in Israel (Same with Jeff Besos)?  Why was this the same year Epstein was arrested for underage prostitution and the same year Bill Gates told the plandemic plan to CIA?

2. How many other Big Tech companies have businesses and / or business in Israel?

3. Was the real reason the US Embessy moved from Tel Aviv to Jeruselum to get it away from The Mossad’s “Project Libertad” which is located in Tel-Aviv (Israels Secret Service- link is libertad . gov .il)

4. Why are Rabbis telling all the people of Israel that God made the vaccine and they must take it?

5. Why is Project Libertad promoting Big Tech / Technocracy?

6. Why are many people in USA that record Non-Maskers at Grocery Stores and call them “Karen” wearing the Star of David necklace?

7. Why is the Star of David on our dollar bill if you connect the dots?

8. Why is Trump and Baron Rothschild both on Israel Coins?  Why does every President take a picture with Israel Flag?