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Shaleena Moonstar’s Group
Free Energy Systems
UFO Research Library (This is to keep seperate UFO Research from Patriot/NWO Research)

Worldwide Freedom Warrior Groups – Original Post

List posted by TJ and Originated from:
UK Patriots Against Lockdown (channel)

UK Patriots Against Lockdown (Chat Group)

A message from Poster:

I have been made aware people have copied this post and added groups I haven’t checked.

If I have posted it I can verify it’s legit

Here are some recommend groups to join please only join the London/Manchester Demo pages if your attending


The List:

United Together

Covid Lockdown Chat

Official_Voice aka London March 20th

Official voice Bedfordshire (or nearby)

Official Voice W. Surrey/Kingston

Official Voice Northampton

Official Voice Heathrow

Official Voice Lincoln

Official Voice Portsmouth

Transport Group London Protest 24th April

Covid Vaccine Awareness

The Great Reopening 20th March

A Stand In The Park

No More Lockdowns

Covid Vaccine injuries

Fight For The Kids

Freedom Fighters Corona Dictatorship

Wake up UK

Info on covid vaccines

We Are The 99%

Q digital soldier 1701

Reset clearing support (south east) new chat help them grow

General Warz Channel


Wide Awake Worldwide

The Freedom Festival

Truth Awakening Channel

Truth Seekers Merseyside

Pandemic My Ass

Liverpool Supporting Local Businesses (No Masks Required)

24th April Rally Stand Up

UK Stand Up Chat