w/ Freedom Warrior Network – Private Meeting Voice / Video – FWN v09.5

  • Live Chat system online for members **
  • Everything encrypted,sends encrypted data through websocket
  • 1 to 1 video / voice calling
  • User to User file send / receive
  • Voice Message leaving
  • Custom Profile, Background Image, Bio, Links for all users, Follow / Following
  • Video System now functional
    USER FEATURES: (each can be enabled / disabled by uploader) Live Chat, Review, Comments, Like/Dislike
    New: Collections – add video to your own collection of videos * great tool for organizing research while going through library
    UPLOAD FEATURES : Auto-Watermark, Encoding, Author Users may upload videos
  • Fast CDN Network w/ 5 Servers USA / Europe power video library


Now we will be fine tuning site and uploading our libraries.

If you would like to be upgrade to Author account please send request and what type of content you want to share in message and we will get back to you.