On 11/3/2020 at around 3 AM after seeing MSM blurb about female rapper Marsha Mathers (aka feminem) publicly dick riding old white biggot Joe Biden for president, Mental Wakeup creator Dr. Max Stone initiated a rhyme as tweet at Eminem’s ridiculous political statement endorsing American traitor Joe Biden— Twitter immediately flew in like Captain-Save-a-Feminem and banned Dr. Max tweet and also enforced limited tweet functionality on the Mental Wakeup twitter account.   Dr Max says this has never happened in almost a decade old account with over 4000 verified real followers.  Dr. Max said nothing violent or discriminating against Marshal Mathers unless he is a homosexual which in the past Eminem has insulted rival emcees by using terms like “faggot” or “bitch”….  Maybe there was some truth to The Interview movie he appeared as himself and said he was really gay.  However, it is clear that Twitter is protecting Eminem from opposing views.  Twitter has provided aid to the great white sell out.  A mad max sent this to the team instructed us to put this on site address it to Eminem in reaction to the twitter action:

“If you are cool with Twitter censorship then you aint a friend of any American including yourself… Eminem is pushing a NWO / UN agenda for a paid off fake American posing as president for Rothschild Bankers…  He enjoys wack emcee privilege on twitter selective enforcement bot and has been one of the most documented politically incorrect derogatory word using rappers of all time frolicking around like a valley girl who got a new sun dress now hiding behind twitter supporting censorship for approval by his handlers  he hella dumb like a soy boy with rainbows of joy in his weak ass heart for a Joe Biden police state like a sucker… i think everyone should send Feminem (Eminem) a bottle of Vagisil for christmas this year” – Dr Max Stone Re: Eminem and Biden Engagement

The Twitter Censorship Virus is a serious social disease and much more harmful than COVID 19.

Twitter has been a major source of censorship in the year 2020 .  They have been making all efforts possible to censor real doctors, scientists and engineers that oppose the “consensus” opinion.   As well as people who don’t affiliate with the Democratic Party and /or Support Joe Biden.  Today we learn that Twitter also practices censorship against Real Emcees / Battle Rappers / Insults / Humor, has double standards and uses selective enforcement.  If you look at the screen shot in this article it accuses Dr. Max of one of the following: may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race ethnicity , national origin sexual orientation , gender , gender identity , religious affiliation, age, disability or serious disease.  Eminem is an artist who has verbally broke all these rules in his work  to get to his current status and is now Twitter approved while others from same era keep it real and get banned… He only is approved to do and say what he wants because he opposes America and supports a NWO Agent / U.S. Traitor like Joe Biden…. smh this is what it has all came down to in this country..  Here at Mental Wakeup for at least 10 years we have and will continue to boycott all Eminem related products…