Welcome to the Truth Music page –  You have reached the home of Truth Music from Freedom Warriors World Wide.  Freedom Warriors ease their stress the most when they spread the word or get the latest info they need to wake up the sleeping sheep stuck between 3d and 4d.  Higher Level Freedom Warriors are skilled musicians and/or other types of artists with the ability to communicate facts and truth through their arts.  This section is dedicated to the art of sound and the messengers.    Are you a skilled master of your craft and ready to share your Truth Music?  Are you a patriot with skills blackballed from your local NWO infiltrated music scene?  If so we welcome you (any genre welcome) to submit your Truth Music works to this section.  In the next coming weeks we will be releasing reviews of Independent Freedom Warrior Truth Music.  We will also be hosting video interviews with artists selected by our staff.  As this section develops we aim to showcase a wide variety of Truth Music artists of various genres, while we may all be different we are all united on Truth we are all united warriors for freedom!

MentalWakeup.com Truth Music Showcase

Featured Articles: Each week one of our associates will select one artist to write an article about their release.  Artists that get selected for feature articles will appear on the main landing page of mentalwakeup.com and will also be plugged in our weekly newsletter (Approx 2000 subscribers) and our Telegram Chat Group (3,400+ members)

– Video Interview: Once you receive a review you or you and your band / group will be eligible for a video interview through Online Live Stream with MWC The Compound Show.

Music Submission Requirements:

We only showcase Truth Music on this Network.  While we reserve the right to refuse any submitted work for a showcase on this site, all music submitted that follows the listed requirements will receive a review within 72 hours of submission. 


  • You must be registered with this site – you can register free here
  • We review Single, EP and LPs.   An example of the entire work must be sent via link to website streaming it or uploaded to us in a .zip or .rar format through this website.  These can be lower quality MP3 in streaming quality if you would like.  We need to hear the entire work to review it for you.  If you include MP3 files we can have them available to play in your review/feature/interview posts.
  • Artist Title, Featured Image, BIO – Title / Description, And Media Links (Songs / Music Videos online i.e. Bandcamp profile, Soundcloud profile, your website profile, Etc.
  • We prefer not to use links to any Big Tech Social networks on this network – referring to websites that practice banning users over biased and flawed community guideline.