The Tarantulas – Little Web Riding Hood

Latest Hip Hop track by The Tarantulas.  The final 2 tracks on the Tarantulas album are a solo track by each artist from the duo.  The first one is by Dr. Max Stone and called ” Little Web Riding Hood”.  Beat by: The Radical Guessworks  Engineered by: Prince Charles Thagod 

This song is the story of a brutal breakup between long term lovers caused by the the stress resulting from the Plandemic / Global Lockdown.   A signature Dr. Max Stone scenario reminiscent of titles like “Dragon Bitch” (2011) and “Jezebel” (2020 The Compound LP).  A powerful hook is dropped by beat producer and emcee The Radical Guessworks.   On the Tarantulas album the ending skit in this song links it to another Tarantulas track called “Venomous Poison”, making this song a prequel to the Venomous Poison track.