Re: Mercy Agency Matt Cowan (Responsible for 100K Starbucks Barista Digital Marketing Scam against Amber Gilles) Lauren Kenner (aka Elizabeth the satanist) is Co Owner
Baphomet Head upside down, Mercy Agency
I believe this was all by design, and planned out ahead of time.
A summary of the points the following evidence makes:

1. Matt Cowan does not care about mask wearing and took a marketing advantage for his comapany Mercy Agency which is Co-Owned by Lauren Kessner  at Ambers expense

2. Matt Cowan used the word “Karen” which according to wiki pedia means : Karen is a pejorative term used in the United States and other English-speaking countries for a woman perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is appropriate or necessary. A common stereotype is that of a white woman who uses her privilege to demand her own way at the expense of others. Depictions also include demanding to “speak to the manager”, anti-vaccination beliefs, being racist, or sporting a particular bob cut hairstyle. As of 2020, the term was increasingly being used as a general-purpose term of disapproval for middle-aged white women.” Here they attach the word “Racist” to the word “anti vaccination” .  Ambers work involves anti – vaccine research.  This was to benefit Matt Cowan and Big Phrma no one else. His money in leads will be far more than the 100k he earned at Ambers expense (death threats, harrassment)

3. Matt Cowan is affiliated with the LBTGQ movement – this is relevant because at protest events there are always white alt Left LBTGQ people as opposition that go there to attack her (people from EDM scene that are being told by Matt Cowan she is a karen”

It is relevent because most of the hateful, threatening comments come from male members of the LBGTQ community as evidence will show.  In Lauren Linked in screen shot below you can also see they market which has the following views: EDM Music, Pro Gay (look at artists promoted) , Anti No Mask people (see opinions section)

Matt Cowan motives are political not for public safety
1. Matt has the support of the LBGTQ community
2. Matt is Pro Vaccine (using term “Karen”)
3. Matt Cowan benefits most from Go Fund Me campaign – he wants exposure
4. Matt pushes democrat big pharma china views
5. Matt is opposed to Amber Anti Vaccine and Mask Politics so is Bill Gates
6. Matt does not wear a mask anywhere in his photos
7. Matt Cowan is spreading a message of hate towards all citizens like Amber
8. Matts message of hate is motivating people to harass, call, threaten and attack Amber in public
Things we need to find out –
1. Did Matt Cowan fund the gofundme himself? Is there away to see democgraphics of gofundme campaign or reveal names of biggest donor and are they affiliated with Matt Cowan?
2. There is no public address for Mercy Agency except on one site that shows the address to be a 4 bedroom 2 bath house worth 3 million dollars. It is listed in area code 90045, Is there a way to check with the city if Media Agency is even a real business or a front for something else?
3. Is matt cowan affilliated with Lee Ann Kim or is Lee Ann Kim associated with Bill Gates (Bill Gates is listed as an influencer of Matt Cowan on his linked in page)

guy who said spit in face.jpg

Look at comment to spit in face.jpg
These two pictures show a LBGTQ culture person showing resentment to you, i clicked on the profile of the person who said they would spit on you and thats the page it went to the rainbow shirt guy.
This Below is a Lauren Kenner connecting it to
I Voted with asian writing – Look what he says it looks like he is being a smart ass. Subliminal message? The art shows and events Matt go to all use subliminal messages in example the Kids and rolling (suggesting kids and ecstasy at party where every one is expressing themselves sexually and looks like they are drunk or on drugs)  Also, Lee Ann Kim South Korean Native born in Seoll South Korea, is who is next 100k raised by making Lenin their Spokes Person and Patrick Shiong Shoong Sued for cancer drug in 2018 purchased the San Diego Union Tribue and Los Angeles Times and made Lee Ann Kim Citizen Advisory Board.
This is a picture of Lauren possibly at a house this may be where Mercy Agency is located. This is Mercy Agency partner Lauren Elizabeth/  Kenner, at top of post he describes her as his business partner if you look at side bar scrolled down you will see them making light of the corona virus.  Also it is interesting to note that Matt Cowan is not shown wearing a mask in any of his photos. His gofundme acted like he cared about mask wearing, this whole thing was over Amber not wearing a mask – I havent seen him once on any of his photos?
This is Mad Decent event where the Kid ecstasy Cartoon is posted in same photo album.  Here there are 3 kids in a cartoon with a saying ” HOLY SHIT WE’RE ROLLING BALLS” Rolling balls is a term used for pychoactive drugs ecstacy which according to the documentary Open Secret in Hollywood is used by hollywood pedofiles to rape young male adults
This is a public chat stirring up hate against you this has 75 comments. You have been attacked , harrassed etc. I was witness to what happened at sprouts so were others with you.
Evidence discussing your starbucks visit.jpg
  This was taken at illegal secret art show called Surplus Candy they are in a photo album on Matt Cowan page called “Surplus Candy”
kanye breast.jpg
This was taken at illegal secret art show called Surplus Candy they are in a photo album on Matt Cowan page called “Surplus Candy”
trump shit.jpg
This shows asian communist “Blame Other Party” if at first you dont succeed (ie Hilary didn’t win so start calling everyone racist that supports Trump)
blame other party.jpg
This is Halloween this may be normal but there is a dominatrix and slave in picture.
matt cowan.jpg


Wikileaks exposed a document showing purchases of Pizza being purchased by officials for 10s of thousands of dollars ridiculous amount i cant remember exact number.  The FBI had a document showing symbols that some pizza restaurant used that symbol, The other Pizza place by Comet Pizza use to have the pedofile symbol too on its logo after people questioned it they changed it. Whether you believe or not in the pizza gate, the left has resentment towards the right and is holding up a friend is holding a pizza.  See data below :


Pizza Gate 1: – Elijah Wood admits to problem in Hollywood with Pedofilia
* There is no evidence available that the term “Pizza” means Girl and Hot Dog means “Boy”, but there is proof of pizza shops using pedofile symbols in their logos if the FBI document distributed by WikiLeaks is authentic, which I believe it to be.  The word pizza, hotdog, walnut list people reference was distributed by 4chan and not verified authentic.  I believe this was done to throw people off. The original complaint was about pizza restaurants that were using pedofile symbols in their logos and signs.  This video documents Hilary Campaign Manager Democrat John Podesta Brother Tony displaying naked young girls all over his house –  – I would download this I have seen videos like this and photos get deleted real quick.  The follow up work would be to confirm the pictures are of actually Podesta house. – This all also proves that democrats have a resentment towards republicans that point out that Democrats are associated with pizza shops in washington DC that use this symbol – so its common for Democrats to use pizza art to counter republicans.
Here is an alleged video of John Podesta torturing a child. This is most convincing evidence I have seen on Pizza Gate and John Podesta.
This picture of Matt Cowan Linked In shows 743 views after posting the CNN article, it shows that he did this for exposure for his other ventures, on this linked in page he is shopping his services now to various global clients – I would look into the Lee Ann Kim Matt Cowan Connection they are both opposed to the republican party
This shows that the CNN video that Matt Cowan caused to happen by exploiting Amber Gilles Starbucks Customer Service issue.jpg
This is the kind of artwork at the Podesta House – But this is at surplus candy show where matt cowan took pictures he likes
On Matt Cowan Facebook Photo Albums there is one picture under web cam that shows a giant bear with kid and also there is a picture on his main profile that shows him holding a baby and several other pictures of young boys – He  Puts a Parental Advisory Explicit Content and the music played at EDM shows is Electronic Dance Music and rarely has words in it I believe this is another subliminal about watch out for me parents.

web cam photo both.jpg

web cam photo.jpg

This is another picture showing sexual expression and drunken behavior on Mad Decent Boat.  Only reason why relevent is why did he have the cartoon with kids rolling balls in same photo album . Why was a whole persons facebook deleted to prevent Amber and I from sharing videos (which I actually was able to download before dissapeared) about Pizza Gate if it is fake?

This is Matt Cowan with a friend – This expression in their photo expresses LBTGQ Culture.

I dont know why Matt Cowan took a picture of a man on staircase.  at surplus candy secret illegal artshow

why take pic guy.jpg
He often has subliminal pictures pointing to Masturbation such as hand and cream


He took this picture of art saying Too Much Pain and Help me kill them all
wtf 2.jpg
This is at Mad Decent Boat – this woman is passed out drunk on staircase
matt cowan boat party.jpg
This is said to be Tony Podesta art:

Podesta Art.jpg