“Guessworks came to The Compound (MWC Studio) one day early 2020 and dropped a verse.  After that he helped Gambit Linguist (Madd Joker and Dr Max Stone) by recording footage and engineering the music video called We Be The Gambit (Guest appearing Guessworks and Majesty from 2 Guns Drawn).  Since this point he has proven to my staff that he is As Real As It Gets, and is now 100% MWC Family.  Guessworks is a skilled and talented artist / emcee.  He is also a righteous and good spirit, I would like to see his message expand to the globe. Our handshake is blast of light for the universe”  – Dr. Max Stone, Founder of MWC

Guessworks is currently working on a solo album, a new The Tarantulas album and Tips of The Sphere (a super hip hop crew consisiting of Majesty, Madd Joker, Dr Max Stone and Guessworks).

The Radical Guessworks not only brings Lyrical verses and  hardcore beats as an emcee,  but whenever he’s not spitting verses on the mic he’s directing, engineering video and audio, producing beats and or designing artwork.   Spitting his first rhyme in 1993 has dedicated his life to hip hop and loyal to the underground recently becoming  Mental Wakeup Crew family. Guessworks has worked with  Madd Joker for the past 10 years for Madd Jokers crew  “Crusaders.”   Guessworks, like all MWC and Crusaders artists are not doing Hip Hop, they are Hip Hop. Before professionally making hits, rhyming was just a part of his every day life.   Anywhere The Radical Guessworks  went his music would go with him.  Years of practicing and living the art has sharpened his skills and is the reason why he is  here today.  Guessworks is the founder of The Tarantulas.  Guessworks naturally connected.

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