Rob Navarro, known in the westcoast underground scene as The Radical Guessworks, is a highly skilled beat producer, rhyme bomb emcee and engineer. He is the creator of the Rhyme Bomb Crew called The Tarantulas Music and a primary member of San Diego’s Conspiracy Fact Rhyme Bombaz called Mental Wakeup Crew.

The Radical Guessworks produces addictive, neck exercising Rhyme Bomb west coast hard core beats. Every track is a banger. This album is packed with lyrical content and journies through the radical mind. The Radical Guessworks takes you on a tour from the alpha to the omega. Deep Intellectual well thought out lyrics combined with hard reality and comical punchlines all the way through.

The Radical Guessworks LP guest appears MWC members Prince Charles Thagod, Dr. Max Stone and Epicsode. The album was 100% produced, engineered and recorded in The Radical’s studio. Mastering/Final Mixed at The Compound Studio by Dr. Max Stone. The Digital Download includes the HD Download of the music video “One” as well as a photo gallery of The Radical Guessworks original Graffiti art.

Check out the Rhyme Bomb classic “Dispensary” w/ Prince Charles Thagod and Dr. Max Stone


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