The making of a slave in 2020
Written by:
Jeffrey (Madd Joker) Knoll.
Inspired by:
Mental Wakeup Crew
Date: 4/28/20

I have been a freedom fighter of sorts since I was 19yrs old, fueled by the need to bring justice to an unjust world.

I firmly have believed for many years now that the government of this nation has been intoxicated with power since its conception and purposely has no genuine interest in the welfare of its citizens.

All though the credo, motto, and overall mission statement of this country preaches and boasts on how Democratic and free life living in America for people is, the leaders who are in charge here often behave the in the opposite way.

Take for example this global Covert 19 virus epidemic. I firmly feel that this disease has been created for a purpose that surpasses the issue of health concern.

In my opinion the master planners and global powers that be have always intended to control and oppress people of the world.

The enforcement of these newly created regulations is a maneuver that has made people afraid to assemble but more importantly to communicate.

There are no Doctors out here. There are no ways provided to the people to test see prove or know anything. Despite these facts they are shutting down parks and beaches all over the city and Nation.

So when I did what you see in the video, I was doing it on the backdrop of all of these happenings occurring. As I heard the announcements that day telling people not to go into Balboa Park, without showing, proving or giving anyone any solid proof that the park was in deed contaminated, I had to speak up. I was observing freedom being snatched away literally.

The group of bicycle riders were the first people that I noticed and so I told them like I would and will tell anyone at this point which is……..If you listen and abide by thee new regulations then your not only an easier controlled individual and or a slave, but your also a turncoat to the human race!

Keep your heads clean of false misleading information and do your own research people. Or don’t. The outcome of your life I believe depends on it.

Madd Joker