Below is a tool made by Ura Soul about a year ago,  for searching names connected to Epstein Network.  We can not confirm the authenticity of all info located in the map or the authenticity of “mainstream media” leads.  Although a great research path with some good leads…  Take this map with a grain of salt.    In general, it is based on “numerous mainstream media and government sources that can be verified and tracked”

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Interestingly, a map search for Bill Gates lead to to Rick  Allen Jones (worked for Bill Gates, Microsoft Employee).  You can use this map to type in any name and see if links to Epstein,  Which we found the arrest report and found this connection to be true:

Use The Jeffrey Epstein Network map embedded:


* Clearly the nature of this information means that some of it is hard to corroborate and we must always maintain an open mind that some if it is incorrect. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. It is also important to understand that accusations of human trafficking and child abuse are themselves used as weapons to discredit innocent people.

More Gates / Epstein info

RE: Microsoft Employee Rick  Allen Jones

“Jones said that he had been collecting (child pornography) for about 10 years now and has had an interest in young boys since he himself was a teenager,” a Seattle Police Department detective told the court.”   He was arrested at Bill Gates Estate in Seattle, on September 5, 2014 .  Later they found thousands of pictures of young boys at his home address. “The charges to which Jones pleaded guilty – child pornography possession, a felony, and failing to report child pornography, a misdemeanor – would ordinarily have meant a three- to nine-month jail term. ” He only served 90 days for this offense.

“Detectives have since reviewed electronics seized from Jones’ apartment. They claimed to have found 6,495 images known to law enforcement to be child pornography, including 133 in which the children abused on camera have been identified by police. Among the images were photos showing the anal rape of an 8- to 10-year-old boy and the rape of an 8- to 10-year-old girl.”  –  Seattle PI  

This is John Paul Rice who is an independent film producer in Hollywood.  He has some very sickening things to tell us. He also speaks about Bill Gates and his close ties to Jeffrey Epstein starting in 2011.

At Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan mansion in 2011, from left: James E. Staley, at the time a senior JPMorgan executive; former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers; Mr. Epstein; Bill Gates, Microsoft’s co-founder; and Boris Nikolic, who was the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s science adviser.

Two of Bill Gates Cronies were Boris Nikolic and Melanie Walker.  Mr. Gates and Mr. Nikolic frequently traveled and socialized together. Mr. Nikolic befriended Mr. Epstein after Ms. Walker (a spokesperson for Bill Gates) introduced them. She became a Senior Officer of the Gates Foundation in 2006.

Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein have had several meetings until 2017.  Bill Gates also met Jeffrey Epstein 4 years after he was first convicted of soliciting underage girls and registered as sex offender.  *  It is interesting to note, Trump was responsible for reporting Epstein in the first place to authorities for child tracking after kicking Epstein out of Mar-A-Largo in 2005.  Some say this was a business deal gone bad and revenge, but given the Human Trafficking bill he signed, he probably doesn’t like the behavior. Bill Gates has flown on the Lolita Express with Epstein more than once.  In September 2013 Gates and Epstein had dinner and discussed the Gates Foundation and philanthropy.  Just days before it was reported that (most likely murdered or relocated) Epstein hung himself on August 10th, Jeffrey Epstein amended his will and wrote Mr. Nikolic in the will as fallback executor.  Today Mr. Nikolic runs a venture capital firm, with Bill Gates as an investor.

New American: 

After the Sex-crimes Conviction
Epstein will never pay for the crimes he committed against dozens of woman, but he was convicted in Florida 11 years ago. Prosecutors and Epstein inked a plea on misdemeanor child prostitution, which required him to register as a sex offender.

You’d think that would give someone in Gates’s position pause, but alas, it didn’t much matter to the Microsoft magnate.

“Unlike many others,” meaning the other Deep-State bigwigs who partied with Epstein, “Mr. Gates started the relationship after Mr. Epstein was convicted of sex crimes,” the New York Times reported on Saturday.

“I didn’t have any business relationship or friendship with him,” Gates told the Wall Street Journal. Not quite right, the Times discovered.

“In fact, beginning in 2011, Mr. Gates met with Mr. Epstein on numerous occasions — including at least three times at Mr. Epstein’s palatial Manhattan townhouse, and at least once staying late into the night, according to interviews with more than a dozen people familiar with the relationship, as well as documents reviewed by the New York Times,” the newspaper reported.

Employees of Mr. Gates’s foundation also paid multiple visits to Mr. Epstein’s mansion. And Mr. Epstein spoke with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and JPMorgan Chase about a proposed multibillion-dollar charitable fund — an arrangement that had the potential to generate enormous fees for Mr. Epstein.

Gates had to have known, or at least should have known, Epstein was a convicted sex criminal, yet his spokesman told the Times the two met because “high-profile people” had introduced them.

The Meetings
Gates hobnobbed with other high-profile guests at Epstein’s lavish townhome on New York’s Upper East Side on January 31, 2011.

“Bill’s great,” Epstein e-mailed someone after the soirée. “Mr. Gates, in turn, praised Mr. Epstein’s charm and intelligence,” the Times reported.

Gates and Epstein spoke privately at a TED conference in Long, Beach, California, and in May 2011, Gates returned to Epstein’s opulent mansion.

At about that time, the Times reported, Gates’s foundation and JPMorgan were collaborating to create the Global Health Investment Fund.

That’s when Epstein concocted a scheme to piggyback on that philanthropic endeavor to make millions for himself. Epstein would raise billions, even trillions, in a collateral health effort, then collect 0.3 percent.

At a meeting at his townhouse in 2011, Epstein told representatives from the Gates Foundation about his past, but not to worry. Soliciting prostitution from an underage girl, he told them, was like “stealing a bagel.”

Gate Foundation staff members who were unaware of Epstein’s sex conviction thought it might harm the outfit, yet a team from the foundation met Gates at his mansion again in 2012.

Gates mustn’t have worried at all. Because he and Epstein “kept seeing each other,” the Times reported. The Times uncovered at least one more meeting. In 2013, Gates flew on Epstein’s Gulfstream jet to Palm Beach, Florida, where Epstein kept another estate.

Gates stopped contact with Epstein in 2014, but foundation employees stayed in touch with the sex offender through 2017, well after the truth about him emerged.

The Gates-Epstein connection invites an obvious question. Gates, again, is plugged into the Deep State ruling elites who, through a constellation of globalist organizations such as the Council of Foreign Relations — for whom Melinda Gates spoke in 2008 — seek to gradually cede U.S. sovereignty to a global, borderless regime of trade and migration. The goal line is world government.

Just how deeply was Epstein tied into that network of elites, and who else among that group was a regular at Epstein’s home?