Recently when browsing through Telegram channels I stumbled upon a channel called the new world order . Thinking it may have been a site with info/research against the new world order.  I clicked on the channel to join it, and to my surprise I found it claiming to be the actual official illuminati. We’ve always heard about the illuminati and whether it exists or not but this website claims that they are the people who run it and that they do exist and now they’re public.  They only had a few post in the new world order channel.  One was the Satanic Bible, the other picture showed a middle eastern looking person with illuminati paperwork and Illuminati ID, similar to some state drive license.

It also advertise the website to join the actual illuminati it also had a photo of a pentagram with a naked woman with Baphomet horns. This was shown in discussed in the recent compound show episode 5 which you can watch here the is their website.  On this website they advertise a book called illuminatus which they require you to read to join them.  I was able to obtain a copy of the PDF which I’ve included here which I found on the Internet.  Inside the book when you read it they sound real like spiritual and they’re all about the good light they say.   These people pose as the good guys that help the planet but it’s clear to me they are the people behind all the worldwide fuckery or at least one element of it. This is about theory vs. fact, and we have been called theorists for years for talking about the infamous Illuminati. If you wanna say the illuminati exists today and someone tells you you’re a conspiracy theorist, I recommend you showing them that site because they are very serious about it and present it as fact themselves. #ConspiracyFact