China has a huge part investing tech to assist the United States and the world health organization. Not just my research but many other truth seekers have found that Covid testings are owned by China Corporations.  Now there are some links that I’m going to be sharing so feel free to do your research. As Sleepy biden come into being our so called leader he signs deals with China. Meaning DNA Ancestry and many other companies that deal with DNA testing have now and have always been compromised. So now that we know that china has our DNA what are they going to do with it? I’m thinking that they are goin to come with some type of cure for diseases that we don’t have and take the medical field out of business and bring there people in to over take our people… Just know that we are under attack right in public they aren’t hiding anymore.

To All My Freedom Fighters— WE ARE STRONG!

Article By. Charles Hart 3Rd A.K.A Prince Charles ThaGod