The Compound Show comes to an end as Dr. Max prepares to leave California heading east over sees to investigate Europe.  The Final Days are the final episodes of the compound show.  The compound is the Mental Wakeup studio where all sound/video magic happened from 2019-Present.  Unfortunately, in this old building a pipe burst on the second floor and caused a horrible leak which caused the ceiling to form a huge bubble then expload and flood.   The city has flagged the building as unlivable now and The Compound will be closing for good.  Dr. Max will start a new show after completing mission to Europe.  The first 3 Episodes of The Final Days are now online and you can watch them here on this page.  Thanks for everybodies support and encouragement to keep all of us going as long as we have.  There will be 2-3 more episodes after these 3 and then we will close every thing with the release of our Documentary “Mask Burnaz” which is almost done.

The MWC Freedom Warriors from the Good Fight ready to move

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– Media Streaming / Patriot Hosting Services
– Streaming Truth Talk Podcasts
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