Note: The Podcast is now called “The Compound” – Missile Silo was our test drive for our new production platform.

Mental Wakeup

Mental Wakeup Crew presents:
The Compound Truth Podcast

The Radical Guessworks Presents “The Die or Live Survival Show” – New Segment on The Compound Show

MWC PSA w/ Prince Charles Thagod, Stephen Broughton and Nikita Simone

EPISODE III: Lead Stories Propaganda Fact Checker

EPISODE IV: Part I: Mental Wakeup Updates w/ Madd Joker

EPISODE IV: Part II: World Wide Freedom Warriors w/ H.A.T.S.

EPISODE V: Ordo Ab Chao w/ Prince Charles Thagod and Stephen Broughton

EPISODE II: Part II: Merc The Agency w/ Amber Gilles

EPISODE II: Part III: Merc The Agency w/ Amber Gilles

EPISODE I: No Mask, No Vaccine  w/ Dr. Max Stone, Madd Joker and Guessworks

EPISODE II: Part I: No Masks Given  Protest / Activism