Mental Wakeup

Episode 10: Freedom Warriors Dr Max Stone and Theres Amren (Denmark)[rumble][/rumble]

Episode 9: Freedom Warriors – Dr Max Stone and Crystal discuss current events, QAnon and USA Republic[rumble][/rumble]

Episode 8 Guest is Astrological psychometrists Xaudius Stevens and bringing back Qs Files creator Erik Files aka Patriot 51[rumble][/rumble]

EPISODE 7: Project Blue Beam (Planvasion) w/ Shaleena Moonstar, Prince Charles Thagod and Eric Files (Patriot 51)[rumble][/rumble]

Episode 6: Freedom Warrior Europe Shaleena Moonstar[rumble]”[/rumble]

Episode 5: Ordo Ab Chao w/ Prince Charles Thagod and other guests[rumble][/rumble]

Episode 4: Mental Wakeup Update w/ Madd Joker + World Wide Freedom Warriors[rumble][/rumble]

Episode 3: Factless Fakebook Fact Checker Punked by Mental Wakeup Crew (Co-Owner called on phone)[rumble][/rumble]

MWC PSA – Don’t Trust Politicians That Take Vaccine on TV[rumble][/rumble]

Episode 1: Starbucks Barista 100k GoFundme Scam against No Masker Amber G. Story – Mercy Agency Exposed: Blood Drinking Baphomet Bitch and Soros Yes Man promoting Bill Gates and Communist Art behind the shenanigan.. With Dr. Max Stone, Madd Joker  and The Radical Guessworks[rumble][/rumble]

The Radical Guessworks Presents “The Die or Live Survival Show” – New Segment on The Compound Show