Mental Wakeup

Episode 10: Freedom Warriors Dr Max Stone and Theres Amren (Denmark)

Episode 9: Freedom Warriors – Dr Max Stone and Crystal discuss current events, QAnon and USA Republic

Episode 8 Guest is Astrological psychometrists Xaudius Stevens and bringing back Qs Files creator Erik Files aka Patriot 51

EPISODE 7: Project Blue Beam (Planvasion) w/ Shaleena Moonstar, Prince Charles Thagod and Eric Files (Patriot 51)

Episode 6: Freedom Warrior Europe Shaleena Moonstar

Episode 5: Ordo Ab Chao w/ Prince Charles Thagod and other guests

Episode 4: Mental Wakeup Update w/ Madd Joker + World Wide Freedom Warriors

Episode 3: Factless Fakebook Fact Checker Punked by Mental Wakeup Crew (Co-Owner called on phone)

MWC PSA – Don’t Trust Politicians That Take Vaccine on TV

Episode 1: Starbucks Barista 100k GoFundme Scam against No Masker Amber G. Story – Mercy Agency Exposed: Blood Drinking Baphomet Bitch and Soros Yes Man promoting Bill Gates and Communist Art behind the shenanigan.. With Dr. Max Stone, Madd JokerĀ  and The Radical Guessworks

The Radical Guessworks Presents “The Die or Live Survival Show” – New Segment on The Compound Show