Is QAnon a PsyOp discussion on Mental Wakeup Crew Telegram

Where We Go One We Go All…. Where is it that a Fema Camp????

This conversation was triggered by QAnon associates claiming arrests on January 20th of Biden and affiliates in global crime syndicate that hijacked United States of America. Newer information has claimed that there was a problem and the mission is still moving forward.  We had bad attitudes towards QAnon and people leaving our chat when QAnon posted so we decided to discuss QAnon and will have Crystal, Freedom Warrior from Nebraska discussion on Mental Wakeup Radio soon.

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:22] We may be on our own but all of us are much stronger combined then the few of them with chessboards #WeWillFightBack

benn, [21.01.21 13:22] [In reply to Dr. Max Stone] Yes but no, but yes, but no…. What days we live in….. Crazytimes. Stay strong.. I too am feeling the energies…. Won’t say hold the line, but will say, give yourself a break… We all Need sometime to refresh and make sure we are manifesting the reality we want, not what “they” or ANY other person wants….


benn, [21.01.21 13:22] [In reply to Dr. Max Stone] Flip the board time… Peacefully of course

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:22] Yes we need to make a plan and trust our own plan

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:22] We dont need to hurt or kill any human beings

benn, [21.01.21 13:23] Ike a gentle but game ending nudge, weve all done it, we know the moves…

Perr, [21.01.21 13:23] ** No Picture
NONE OF THE E.O’s are going through

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:23] We need to find ways to shut down big tech , ie dont use their services spread the word

benn, [21.01.21 13:23] [In reply to Dr. Max Stone] Use Musk

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:23] Thanks Benn

benn, [21.01.21 13:24] [In reply to Dr. Max Stone] Wait my brother…. Within 3 weeks Musks QUANTUM Internet will be available in THE UK

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:24] 10 4 brother

benn, [21.01.21 13:24] [In reply to Dr. Max Stone] Most welcome brother… We got this ❤️❤️❤️

Talyah95, [21.01.21 13:24] vote with how and where one spends $$ go local and far away from big tech/social media. get creative and grow your community

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:24] ????

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:26] 3 Purposes of QAnon Psyop:
– Convince people if Martial Law occurs that it is Trump to save them so they stand down and instead of Trump a National Guard with Forced Vaccine comes to your door
– Combine various theories from UFO Society with Patriot Movement to discredit both sides
– Build a database of people against Mandatory Vaccines

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:32] They also did it so no one would fight at the Joe Biden inaguration

Talyah95, [21.01.21 13:32] cuss. cuss. cuss. cuss. cuss. this world is so full of dumkofts

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:32] He helped the traitor get into office and wrote him a friendly note

Talyah95, [21.01.21 13:33] this world has so much potential but nooooooooo the evil ones have to f%*k it up

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:33] they are all marked by universal law they will crumble

Talyah95, [21.01.21 13:33] all for gaawwwd damn control and power

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:34] keep visualizing the world we want and put us all in the picture

benn, [21.01.21 13:34] [In reply to Dr. Max Stone] Million percent

Talyah95, [21.01.21 13:34] I need to do that. thank you. I must leave their world and get back to my innate power.

Talyah95, [21.01.21 13:35] mind over matter. I have done it before. just need to keep the resolve.

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:35] we all do brothers and sisters

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:35] we will ascend still : )

benn, [21.01.21 13:36] [In reply to Talyah95] No, unfortunately we are ALL to Blame, equally. In creators eyes

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:36] we have to love our selves more

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:36] so we can love others

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:36] we all need christ spirit right now

benn, [21.01.21 13:36] [In reply to Dr. Max Stone] Just remember we ALL make it sooner or later

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:36] absolutely

Talyah95, [21.01.21 13:37] the ripple begins with self. the inner one with Christ/truth

benn, [21.01.21 13:37] As Alphas of BOTH sexes, we must remember one true fact

benn, [21.01.21 13:37] In order to do justice. We must first LOVE mercy

benn, [21.01.21 13:38] Think about that lloooonnnggg and hard

Talyah95, [21.01.21 13:38] I am not giving up on myself only kicking the distraction of the world to the curb

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:38] if you cant prove it to yourself to prove it someone else then dont say it is fact then you are as MWC say “As Real As It Gets”

benn, [21.01.21 13:38] [In reply to Talyah95] Go on son ????????????????????????????????

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:39] Word up

benn, [21.01.21 13:39] [In reply to Dr. Max Stone] Some. Bombs being dropped right now… ❤️❤️

benn, [21.01.21 13:39] This is the strength that unites nations….

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:40] Thats what we all do – We had to be victims of the psyop to discover its existance and purposes god did that on purpose

benn, [21.01.21 13:40] [In reply to Dr. Max Stone] Mic drop

benn, [21.01.21 13:40] ????????????❤️❤️

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:40] Because it taught us all something we forgot at the same time

benn, [21.01.21 13:40] Yup

benn, [21.01.21 13:40] It’s inside

Dr. Max Stone, [21.01.21 13:40] how to love again

Talyah95, [21.01.21 13:41] love yourself first

benn, [21.01.21 13:41] And remember the joy it brings to GIVE joy

benn, [21.01.21 13:41] Mental shift once the ball starts to roll

Talyah95, [21.01.21 13:41] the ripple effect

benn, [21.01.21 13:41] Indeed…

benn, [21.01.21 13:44] If you ever notice that island%rock in the lake sitting alone… When you throw a stone, at first it resists the ripple, but at some. Point it creates its own equal ripple back to you, and in each direction it can…..
.the meaning is, if we can turn one sole island of a person, they will. Then resonate the ripple X3 at least….

benn, [21.01.21 13:44] And we do THIS WITH LOVE not stones….

Talyah95, [21.01.21 13:46] of course. here is a challenge….last time I did this my resonance was so high that I became like a light a “things” came to me…how do I protect self…. I don’t want certain things to be attracted to me.