Next month (Nov 11, 2020), Mental will be releasing the 2nd Dr. Max Stone Solo Album titled The Compound LP.   The album will be distributed nationwide and will be available for purchase online as well (ie Amazon, Spotify, Itunes).  In the mean time every Sunday (leading up to the 11th of November) Dr. Max Stone will upload a preview of select tracks from the album on the Mental Wakeup Youtube channel.  These versions of tracks are internet preview only versions and are lower quality compressed mp3s but still sound very good.  Please Note: Dr. Max said the preview tracks may not have been mixed and mastered fully yet.  The final editions of these tracks rendered in .wav format at 48khz 24bit album version of these tracks will be of  much higher most professional quality.  These tracks are uploaded for demonstration purposes only.  Preview tracks uploaded will only be available for a limited time and may be removed by MWC from Youtube at any time but all preview tracks from The Compound LP will definitely be removed on or by November 11th , 2020 (The Compound LP release date).

What is a Perspective Rhyme?

I had a web chat with Dr. Max Stone recently and he asked me if I was familiar with “Perspective Rhyme”.  A term he says he coined himself for the practice.  Dr. Max Stone has been practicing the art of “Perspective Rhyme” since the late 90s.   Perspective Rhyme is an advanced method of writing lyrics.  The average emcee does not even attempt it, he said.  Especially now a days… “Back during the golden age Hip Hop era” (Defined as middle of 80s to late 90s)  “it was more common place for real emcees to pick up a mic, more common place for pro rainbow rappers to get kicked off stage, and was also more common to off the head freestyle in cyphers, digging through crates , etc. A lot of the shit these younger cats are doing would not fly at all during the golden age ”

In the late 90s a well known real emcee hip hop group called Organized Konfusion (Artist/Emcee Pharoah Monch was from this group) released an album called “Equinox”.  On this album, a song called “hate” sticks out.  Dr. Max called this song a perfect example of perspective rhyme.  In the song “hate” Pharaoh Monch and his partner in rhyme at the time , both rap from the perspective of a Klan member.   The song “hate” does an amazing job of exposing the mentality behind race based discrimination from Klan members.  Although by no means is Organized Konfusion a member of a terrorist organization such as the Klan!  However, if you didn’t understand perspective rhyme you would think that Organized Konfusion might be in the Klan if you heard the song out of context.  Another album he said to check out is Sticky Fingaz – Autobiography of Kirk Jones.  This entire album is perspective rhyme, he said.  As well as Prince Paul “A Prince among thieves”.

A look inside DR MAX STONE's UK Tech Inc - Sex Bot Hip Hop Track

In 2016, Mental Wakeup staff at the time (including hip hop emcees Dr. Max Stone and Epicsode of MWC) were researching the threat and dangers of upcoming technologies.  .  A variety of topics were discussed in both articles (old mental wakeup website was lost in 2017, completely rebuilt in 2020) and Mental Wakeup Talk Radio broadcasted on internet.   This included “drones, service bots, osh bots, security bots, darpa bots, military weapons, 5G, silent weapons,  social network engineering, tracking and censorship as well as much more” – Dr Max Stone going on to say “There were over 50 hours of recorded reports by Mental Wakeup in 2015/2016.  After discussing these topics Dr. Max Stone conceptualized a story based around various bots as a wakeup to technology series which consisted of Service Bot (Retail) | Sex Bot (Personal Life) | Security Bots (Robocops).

About Project: Sex Bot and Preview Song

The song UK Tek Innovations Inc. or Sex Bot is a Dr Max Stone concept.  It is an anti cyborg story involving a company called UK Tech innovations. In Dr. Max’s hypothetical future scenario, UK Tech Innovations Inc. is based in England and is creating robots to cover all aspects of people’s lives in the future.  They have released a robot to replace people’s wives in the house.  This song is perspective rhymes. 

The Radical Guessworks

The first verse is by artist The Radical Guessworks. It was recorded in 2020 to finish the track that started in 2016.    The Radical Guesswork verse is from the perspective of a marketing rep who works for UK Tech Innovations that is trying to sell the sex bot replicatant 187.  His rhyme covers the different aspects of sex bot features that were actually researched in 2016.  Should the scenario described here become a reality, a sales person for a sex bot would sound something like his verse.


The second verse is by Epicsode. The  Epicsode verse was recorded in 2016. His rhyme was from the perspective of a customer who had purchased a sex bot and had problems with it turning aggressive and doing things he didn’t like.   The rhyme is written like a customer calling UK Tech customer service and complaining about defects and needing technical support with the sex bot that has gone haywire.

Dr. Max Stone

The final verse by Dr Max Stone was also written and performed in 2016.  Dr Max Stone rhyme is from a UK Tech engineer perspective.  It tells the story of a man who is having marital problems and having an affair with a mistress. He programmed and modeled replicant 187 after the mistress but then accidentally programmed during temporary insanity due to angers and rage within the engineers personal life.  He also explains the fallout his new product replicant 187 is having from numerous complaints due to his programming of her.   Dr Max’s verse is written as if your over hearing a conversation between the engineer talking to his mistress on phone worried about damage control.