We at Mental Wakeup believe in Real Hip hop. Hip Hop was initially a US subculture. Now Hip Hop is world wide but not necessarily as real as it gets when you get it. To our house it is like our religion.   Hip Hop use to be most intellectual poetry  around where you could find the real journalists were messengers through the art and culture – The truth, the streets got first because a lot of people on the streets got hit with the worst things in the world that some people are just barely waking up to now decades later… it saddens me they turned our culture (which was designed to stop street violence and promote creation instead) has been turned into an illuminati pop circus of fake people in the mainstream acting like pig demons with ak 47 cross dressing and sniffing glue banging for the Clintons …I feel as if I am in the twilight zone wtf happened??  The masses of people just decided one day to get lost in television and fantasy?  Did GMOs and Fluoride overdose just dumb down the majority of a planet? …. It is a shame how many people aren’t even themselves anymore… just an impression of how they want to be seen based on their favorite fictional characters….  I use to be a digital fiend watching every movie and TV show series I could find and vegetate but that stopped in 2008 when i put down the remote and stopped using television …  It was the day I realized it was a drug putting me in a trance discreetly programming my unconscious , even so called real things like the news were mainly fiction, opinions sneakily injected,  or fantasy … After 1 year of no movies, MSM News or TV Series shows I became a realer person… You have to get off a drug to realize what it was doing to you.  How many of you still watch TV every day? If you do, ask your self when is the longest you have gone without watching a show. Getting off on the misery of fictional things is a dangerous drug, just say no I am 12 years clean of digital drug called television – I earned the coin of knowledge and free mind and everything

By Dr. Max Stone