2020 Music Videos

Dr. Max Stone

Track: Global Elite Pandemic Description:  Hip Hop track with rhymes spit from the Global Elite perspective.  From Upcoming Dr. Max Stone II Album Produce by Surge Cess, Feat Madd Joker

2020 MentalWakeup.com

Gambit Linguist

Track: We Be The Gambit Artist: Gambit Linguist Emcees (In Order) Madd Joker, Guessworks, Majesty, Dr. Max Stone

Video by Guessworks

2020 Copyright Gambit Linguist Published by Mental Wakeup Crew

Gambit Linguist

Track: Solomon Redshield Artist: Gambit Linguist (feat. Majesty from 2GD)

The first anti-new world order music video from the 2020 MWC Compound Family.

2020 Copyright Gambit Linguist Published by Mental Wakeup Crew

2 Guns Drawn

Artist: Two Guns Drawn (Madd Joker and Majesty) Song: 5G Produced by: Agent Chaos Video and Audio Engineering: Dr Max Stone, LEE (ABSTRACT)

Copyright 2020 Two Guns Drawn Published by Mental Wakeup Crew

Prior 2015 MWC Music Videos

Dr. Max Stone

Artist: Dr. Max Stone Track: Brave New World

This was one of the first videos recorded for the Dr Max Stone project in 2010. Produced by Ethix

Album: Rotation of Knowledge Over Night Released: Final Quarter 2010

This album is no longer available for sale, someone is selling on discogs for $46 over seas, otherwise we don’t know of any remaining copies. This album was re-released for free in 2018 on BandCamp.

Discogs Info Bandcamp – Download Dr Max Stone “R.O.K.O.N.” album for Free

2010 MentalWakeup.com

Mental Wakeup Crew

Artist: Mental Wakeup Crew Track: The Ritual M.W.C. – Victims of Propaganda – x264 – Official Video – San Diego Hip Hop | San Diego Rap Featuring Ivory G, Dr. Max Stone, Silla Tru Video Guest appearing: Harlan Papsmear (rooster head at beginning pouring piss out of a beer bottle after accidently drinking it), Hugo Cen, Erica Woodard (the dizzy female rapper with dreads in video), Douglas Master (Mediocre mundane emcee fired from MWC for treason in 2017),  Adriana Ruiz and others. Production Crew: Silla Tru Productions (Priscilla Villalpando, Wendy Garcia)

2013 MentalWakeup.com

Mental Wakeup Crew

Artist: Mental Wakeup Crew Track: The Ritual The infamous “The Ritual” track, a Dr. Max Stone concept and perspective rap.   Featuring lyrics Dr Max wrote for Silla Tru and the other emcee was just a bag carrying guy that recorded one day.  This song was on hold for 3 years until 2016 album was completed then pulled in 2017.  A business disagreement and conflict of interest caused Max to disband from rest of group.  Silla Tru had already left the group in 2015.  The bag carrying guy was fired in 2017, his name was Douglas.  MWC was re-established in final quarter 2019.

2013 MentalWakeup.com

Subdivided (R.I.P.)

Artist: Subdivided (Ethix and Dr. Max Stone) Track: Narrow Road

Description: This was last track that Ethix and Dr Max Stone spit as a duo hip hop crew called “Subdivided”.  Shortly after this video was released Ethix and Dr. Max Stone went their own ways.  Dr. Max would go on to create MWC.  Ethix would become an an obese beach crackhead asking around for $2 at Liquor Stores.

2010 Subdiv Records (Discontinued in 2011)

Dr. Max Stone

Artist: Dr Max Stone Feat. Silla Tru Track: The Infomercial

This was probably the most uncalled for, unexpected successful video and song of the album.  It was the driving force for moving approx 1500 copies of the CD hand to hand in 2011-2012 up and down California with Silla Tru.  This song was based on a true story.

2011 MentalWakeup.com

Dr. Max Stone & Silla Tru

Artist: Dr Max Stone Feat. Silla Tru Track: False Rivals After a feud with the producer Ethix of the first Dr Max Stone album, Dr Max Stone created MWC with Silla Tru and Ivory G as first members.  This song was a diss towards Ethix and Subdivided. Subdivided was a group that Ethix and Dr Max Stone were working on at the time.

2011 MentalWakeup.com

Mental Wakeup Crew

Mental Wakeup Crew – Official Music Video (YouTube Version) – UNESCO

With Dr. Max Stone and ex MWC members who were all fired. From the pulled 2016 album “Raygunomix versus The Priesthood”

2015 MentalWakeup.com

Lost in the storm…

Missing Videos that use to exist:

Dr. Max Stone – All U Get Alternative 3 – Silent Weapons (project cancelled) Mental Wakeup Crew – The Funeral Kava Lounge Show Footage Tikibar OC Show Footage