So I lost my mind last week trying to digest reality. It was suggested I read a book called Living Buddha Living Christ. It surprisingly helped quite a bit but after I read that book I decided to read Art Of War. Reading those two books back to back is quite the experience and it has literally re-shaped my perspective on almost everything. Now finding myself re-grounded information all of the sudden like never before starts pouring out of my head so I wrote it down and I’m gonna share it with you.

Blinded Fate –

How the masses have become blinded with eyes wide open is most concerning. The plot presents itself on a world stage for all to see. Billions make up an audience of blind slaves ignorant of the trap they find themselves within. Deception is a most intimate friend amongst the many that endorse the ideology which will be all of mankind‘s downfall. All manner of tactical warfare has been utilized with ease to claim your very identity. How very unknown we are to ourselves and others. Strangers we have become in our minds. Our enemies have been championed by their victims. We elevate our oppressors with thunderous applause and unrelenting gratitude. We the people have given our consent to be divided, segregated, enslaved, dehumanized, and willing to surrender our minds and voices to an enemy of true diabolical nature. We have allowed the united bond we all once shared to be eradicated. The unity that always brought hope to the worst of days has been sold for the price of fear. We the many paid it gladly. How all seems lost. With our reality irreparably obliterated we must become indomitable. As our ignorance and trust have been weaponized against one another in a process of gradual manipulation to blind us from the truth of our obedient subservience we find ourselves on the precipice of a monumental choice that will define the very future of human civilization. Everyone far and wide must look within themselves to truly know and understand who they are. We must have conviction within our morality being comprised of honor, love, respect, humility, empathy, understanding, pride, integrity, courage, kindness, discipline, generosity, civility, self-awareness, and an unwavering sense of focus to ensure all future endeavors are seen to completion. We must elevate one another. We must eradicate the manufactured fear causing so much doubt and segregated seclusion so we can rally hope back into one another’s lives. We must all find unification once again to drive the forces of oppression and tyranny back into their sycophantic dark reality. In a concerted effort, we must circumvent the malicious threat of a precisely calculated agenda to claim our freedom, identity, and humanity. May clarity take root in the facets of all complacent minds that have been robbed of their ability to foresee the conflict that is upon us. Our subjugators have named this moment in human history as The Great Reset, attempting to rob us of any choice we have in choosing our fate. We shall call this period in time The Great Awakening! Worry not of material possessions and allow yourself to move unrestricted reminding all that we will not allow our fate to be decided for us!

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