New Mental Wakeup Crew Features and Updates v.08


Mental Wakeup dot com is nearing completion, here are the most recent updates

  • Mental Wakeup Digital Download Music E-commerce is Now Online and fully functional.  You can preview up to 40 seconds of a song before purchasing.
  • Once an MP3 is purchased, the download will be immediate
  • Main Page Slider has been updated with E-commerce features, users can now purchase MWC songs for download.
  • Artist BIO’s have been added for Guessworks, Madd Joker and Dr. Max Stone. You can see them in About MWC section drop down menu.
  • New Facebook Page created for Mental Wakeup ( and fully connected with website. Twitter has also been integrated with website.
  • Contact Page offers Facebook Integration, where you can see Mental Wakeup Facebook Page activity. The new feature will display:  Events, Timeline, Followers as well as the ability to message mental wakeup crew directly on Facebook from contact page.
  • Mental Wakeup protects users with 100% Secure Urls
  • E-commerce store accepts most major credit cards + Paypal Payments

Mental Wakeup Product Catalog updates:

  •  Added Guessworks New Single: Die or Live *
  •  Added Dr. Max Stone New Single: Jezebel w/ Madd Joker *
  •  Added Dr Max Stone New Single: The Ritual Report w/ Madd Joker *
  •  Added Album artwork for albums: Guessworks LP “3 Clicks to Dead Waltz” and Dr Max Stone II LP  “Dr Wellness and Mr Stone”
  • Pre-Order for upcoming albums should be online within 48 hours.

Next Update to Truth Music MWC Digital Download section1:

  • We will be adding Artist Info / Store Pages for each artist / group
  • Login in Registration scene in backend will be branded to Mental Wakeup
  • Addition of Chat Room / Live Support module
  • Addition of Web/Video/Audio Services