The Radical Guessworks and Dr. Max Stone have been working around the clock on the new Mental Wakeup Crew project writing the new path to righteous and good in the form of rhyme – rebuilt from ground up since Feb 2020 in The Compound. The Compound was a militant NWO research, elite reverse – profiling operation and transhuman resistance unit as well as an art/music/video studio in San Diego, CA.  It was written as “was” because … We are currently sitting in the final hours of The legendary compound in San Diego, CA as it falls to the ground and the warriors leave it behind to follow the instruction and path of the light in the good fight.  The first book was crafted in its final days.  7/11/2021 was the final day – Declared the new holy word of good crafted by modern day messengers whom have ascended and to communicate the true spirit work this time around in audio – a platform that can not be modified as it was recorded in rhyme.  The first MWC album shall serve as Book 1. The amount of total books at this point in time is unknown.  Book 1 is currently 10 records deep.  Book 1 : Almighty Warriors Of Light.

The last two Mental Wakeup tracks No Mask No Vaccine and Poison Pen started the journey.  The MWC  journey for the creation.  Meaning the creation of a new sonic book of life.  The journey continues with  Snake Eyes.  Snake Eyes is a new record in the good book.  The Snake Eyes track documents how the plandemic and 2020 chaos was engineered.  It also documents some of who is responsible for the vile plan. As real as it happened… for future man to reference later.   The record was spoken when the messengers whom witnessed the chaos channeled the light to put it on record.  The prophets whom witness were Dr. Max Stone and The Radical Guessworks.  Two sun warriors functioning verbatim to the suns will.  The information you need is here. The power to see the light is within you.  The Music Video has been released and published here on and will also be included in the upcoming movie MWC documentary Mask Burnaz – a “F**k masks film”.

– Noah Hunter Features:

– Running Two Private Linux Servers
– Media Streaming / Patriot Hosting Services
– Streaming Truth Talk Podcasts
– Crypto Currency E-Commerce

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