Maria Abramovic the overpaid trash artist has done shows in Israel and Russia several times.  She was recently hired by Microsoft to test drive a new technology and feature in a Microsoft Commercial (which was pulled after complaints).  We have heard lots of stories about the sick things people associated with her engage in.  Maria was first exposed by wikileaks that showed leaders of the democratic party utilizing her blood, piss and cum drinking skills.   If you have seen episode I of Mental Wakeup ‘s The Compound Show, you may have noticed that the co-owner of Mercy Agency “Lauren Elizabeth Kennar” is very similar to Maria.  Right off the bat you got Baphomet (Lauren has a huge Baphomet Tattoo) and drinking blood..  Also they are both very supportive of BLM, Democrats and Bill Gates.  Lauren Kennar is also advocating masks regularly like her business partner Matt Cowan.  Important to note that they are rarely seen wearing a mask themselves.  I think out of tons of pictures on both social profiles you only find one if your lucky seeing one of those two weasels wearing a mask.  I haven’t seen Maria wearing one either, but I don’t pay attention to her or her waste of a life and stupid career.  Maria was heavily criticized in 2016 for the revision of her 1996 Spirit Cooking art portfolio where she invited celebrities’ to pretend to eat human beings on a dinner table.  Some Wall Of Shame pig demon celebs attended from Will Ferrel to Gwen Stefani…  and here is the puppets.. For the past few years she had little clones roaming around starting shit with Starbucks customers…. Like Lauren “Elizabeth” Kenner and Matt Cowan


Lauren Kenner and Matt Cowan run what looks like a fake company (the address seems to be a residential house, feel like this whole incident was some kind of stunt by Bill Gates still (if you look at Matt Cowan influencers on Linked In, that’s just one area where they promote Bill Gates, they are pro Mandatory Vaccine, Pro Mask…. ) Supposedly these two USA hating pig demons raised 100k gofundme for a Starbucks Barista in Claremont San Diego, California. And Ironically a young LBGTQ dancing hispanic gender confused soyboy is made into a victim – and he is named after a dictator “Lenin” – Makes sense… Mercy Agency doesn’t normally promote gofundme campaigns.  This was spefically done to harass a San Diegan Mother of three and leader in no mandatory vaccine / mask movement, Amber Gilles.  These two Merck Agency (why we always sayo Murk The Agency) normally promote pridefest EDM concerts, they also promote which has a phony “Artists who wear masks” bullshit opinion section where the writing feels like everyone is making up their story and exagerating the effects of covid , I don’t believe any of them  – These two tough girls would later go on to promote a second 100K gofundme to PACARTS Communist American Hating Korean Immigrant “Lee Ann Kim” (Previously a San Diego News Anchor).  Where they said they would use the money to give to artists as long as they didn’t have white skin! WTF??? Anyways back to the blood drinking leader…..

Over 4,500 illuminati slave cuck Baal worshipers have donated approx. $661K+ to Queen of drinking blood and piss Miss “Maria Abramovic” who makes art with period blood and sperm called “Spirit Cooking” and promotes others to follow in her foul foot steps

Here are some pages from the original Spirit Cooking Book and some other pictures of demon woman – you will see that this bitch Maria is degrading to human beings and gladly glorifies pain, misery, bodily fluids and death…

See:  – It is also interesting to note that Maria A. personal Wikipedia page changed from “Jewish” ethnicity to “Serbian” enthinicity.  Why was that changed Nov 4th, 2016. During the Trump / Clinton election month???

It is important to note that the Zionist Nation State had its roots in Serbia.  See this article:

According to, Maria Abramovic – She has performed at the Jewish Museum in 2014:

The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center
November 21, 2013 – January 19, 2014

Performance Now, on view at The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center in Moscow, Russia through January, 2014, includes films, videos, installations and photographs by international artists who have contributed to the exponential growth in the field in the 21st century. Perfomance Now brings together the most significant artists working with performance today: Claire Fontaine, Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla, Santiago Sierra, Clifford Owens, Yael Bartana, Guy Ben-Ner, Marina Abramovic, William Kentridge among others. The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center will host a series of performances and a public talk with Performance Now artist Santiago Sierra throughout the run of the exhibition.

A museum preaching tolerance (you would think for victims of the holocaust) hosts a satanic Baphomet head, piss, cum blood drinking bitch like Maria?? Really? By the way its interesting to note that the date that started is a ritual too look : November 21, 2013   11/21/13 – 2/3/4     1-19 it ends which is 911 backwards.

Here is a list of people that fund “Spirit Cooker” aka “Queen Of Drinking Blood and Piss” Maria Abramovic

Individual Support: Mirka Abelova, Hoor Al-Qasimi, Claudia Albanese, Regina Aldisert, Beckmann Aldric, Nemanja Aleksic, Ruth Allen, Jeanine Allen, Roberta Amigo, Alexandra Anikina, Ruth Ann Harnisch, Stewart-Alexander Annani, Jack Arnot, Sofia Arredondo, Factum Arte, Nicolas Attal, Jean Michel Attal, Guillaumc Attal, Charlotte Gounant Attal, Alexander Attal, Kin Ying Au, Melissa Auf Der Maur, Bruce Bailey, Sara Ballestriero, Adriana Baranska, Fabien Baron, Nicolas Barry, Sunny Bates, Laurie Bazzicalupo, Jaq Belcher, Marc Benda, Johann Benichou, Carl Bergmann, Efrain Bernal, Anna Berndtson, Muffin Bernstein , Karl Berry , Maria Grazia Bersani , Maria Grazia Bersani , Wendy Bertram , Stefania Biagiotti , Franziska Bieli , Klaus Biesenbach , Danielle Bitov , James Blaser , Patrick Blue , Michael Boardman , Fabrice Bochet , Rachel Boers , Marta Bogna , Håvard Bøhm , Jonah Bokaer , Tanja Bokan , Edwin Bol , Alexis Bonte , Franco Bosisio , Drazen Bosnjak , Marc-Andre Bourgault , Marco Brambilla , Emily Brandt , Kris Brankovic , Monika Bravo , Jenifer Briones , Marjana Brkic , Leesa Brock , Gibb Brownlie , Alessia Bulgari , Jo Andres & Steve Buscemi , Roger Bygott , Jeffery Byrd , Felipe Cabral , Anne Calas , Stephen Callaghan , paolo canevari , Sophie Canton , Gloria Cardenas , Gloria Cardenas , Louise Carey , Shawn Carter , Louise Caseley , Andrea Casinelli , Germano & Argento Celant , Joey Ceunen , Haw-Bin Chai , Emily Chameides , Joyce Chan , Antonio Chella , Jennifer Chin , Kathleen Ching , Andrea Ching , Patrick Lynch And Megan Choitz , Maria Choupi , Edwin Chu , Wong Chun Hoi , Alfredo Cicchinelli , Ahmet Civelek , Sandy Cleary , Juliet Cobb , Ramon Coelho , Claudia Coelho , Lise Hollander Cohen , Gary Cohen , Anna Colby , Pierre Collet , Joshua Coppins , Dijana Cosic Ebach , Manuel Ángel Cruz Coucerio , Lenn Cox , Kerry Cudmore , Nebojsa Cvetkovski , Bojana Cvorovic , Lara D’argento , Donata Dabrowska , Cressida Darwin , Erik Davidkov , Dimitris Daskalopoulos , Katharine Daugherty , Federica De Luca , Gonzalo Del Aguila , Nichole Delansky , Gilles Delmas , Erick Denney , Kane Desfontaines , Paul Desmond , Maura Devereux , Curtis DeVito , Siberiana Di Cocco , Esmeralda Di Risio , James Dickinson , Miguel Dietz , Casey DiGiantomasso , Dragana Dimitrov , Ali Raif Dinckok & Akkok San. Yatirim ve Gelistirme A.S , Francisco Diniz , Sarah Dioguardi , Emanuele Dolis , Daniel Doubrovkine , Jen Dougan , Brett Drummond , Alexander Dubinsky , Ashley Durkin , Ajsa Dzafic , Luchy Edwards , Carolyn Eilola , Lilu Einstein , Sandra Elkind , Atomic Elroy , Marie Emmermann , Marc Engenhart , Can Remzi Ergen , Elizabeth H. Erickson , Loren Eskenazi , Marky Estrada , Fusun Exzacibasi , Mark Fabiani , Antonella Falbo , Daniel Feffer , Roni Feinstein , Beth Ferreira , Ira Ferris , P Ficenes , Selina Field , John Firestone , Lea Fischer , Cilloran Fisher , Thea Flanco , Marcos Paim C Fonteles , Marcy B. Freedman , Susanne Frensley , Anna Fromm , Yolanda Frost , Michal Fuchs , To Chi Fung , Reina Gadil , Catherine Gamard , Vallejo Gantner , Noel Gardiner , Paola Gargiulo , Keith Gaskin , Annet Gelink , Jennifer A. Gentry , Linda Girvin , Sara Glassman , Neil Godfrey , Ziggi Golding , Snezana Golubovic , Mariana Gomes , Olga Gomez-Cash , Daniel Gonçalves , Nina Goodman , Maria Elena Gorini , Janice Gossman , PG Gould , Luz Gradilla , Miles Greenberg , Judith Greer , Jacob Grice , Stirling Grodner , David Gunn , Victoria Gur , Gozdem Gurbuzatik , László Háfra , Simone Haggiag , Han Halewijn , Marshall Hammond , Jeanne Hardy , Jon Harris , Joanna Harvey , Ashley Susan Hayes , Ryan Hebert , Africia Heiderhoff , Dan Henderson , Naomi Hepworth , Barry Herstein , Nancy Hirshbein , Cecilie Lolk Hjort , Joni W Holinger , Anna Newland Hooper , Shaun Houghton , Richard Howell , Lars Howlett , Tehching Hsieh , Tim Hughes , Amelia Lopez Huix , Michael J. 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