It’s a contentious time in the United States with a pandemic, racial equality, police violence and a newlt elected president all occupying people’s attention. Given all that stress, it seema like people are suffering from anxiety and are unsure of their futures in America.

As a soldier of revolution, out through extensive research that many Americans feel that the I created by the unbalanced scales of law and order have long been an overdue task as something for the Nations government to handled
Many Americans are feeling like the rules of the game are changing in unfair ways and have a sense of unsureness about what the countrys going to look like in the future.

I’ve even heard many concerned citizens voices personally admit that they believe that another civil war is definitely on the horizon for the US.  These sentiments have come from all walks and races that reside here in America, especially people that are of the minority (African American, Latino,
Asian, Pacific Islanders) amongst the population. The people have been policed unjustly in this country for decades and although there are patches of what the media sells as progression the reality is for most Is that this Country does not really stand behind neither does it represent what it has promoted and Told to the rest of the world.

I recorded an album called Shootout In the Capitol in 2004. The theme of the album was fighting back against the oppression and the Injustice that the Nations citizens have to deal with more often than not. Many years later, the same mentality has reached the people. I know that a SHOOTOUT in the Capitol is an extreme notion, however that is exactly what many believe we as oppressed people need to a least consider. I’m talking about a revolution by design. An organized attack as well as military drone strikes used by the Pentagon today. The Constitution of the US states that if the Government and it’s elected officials are not doing their diligence then it is the peoples responsibility to dissect and destroy the established order.

In order to create a new Government and a righteous Government, I believe that it is the possible, being that we re-start or push a metaphorical reset button.  A start over initiative, if correctly executed could really disentangle the misconstrued beliefs and actions that have contributed to the damaging of democracy and constitutional republic, the very thoughtful of a “melting pot” Nation.  Who knows? The future holds what it will and the preparation for our survival may require ordinary citizens to rely at least partly on themselves to enforce the law and order.

Eliminating and extinguishing Injustice in this Nation will be a very sensitive and difficult task if really attempted. Due to the fact that the foundation of the entire Country stands on the blood sweat murder and enslavement of many cultures, Maybe in the peoples quest for Justice, overthrowing the people that have misused their power is in the cards. As for me, I’m all for it as long as our revolt is organized and strategic and not carelessly done.
Then at least if victory was achieved and the righteous took back control, we could establish through the media and the history books a new era. We could even label it The Truth Era, leaving the era of Injustice, lies, and corruption in the past and bring the new generation and the next after the next the TRUTH!