Love or Hate John McAfee he is a very entertaining crypto currency guru and unlike some of you sheep out there… McAfee lived like a real Amerian should.  Unforunately, the bad guys (criminal banking systems) found and had him captured in Spain to throw him into the jaws of the tyrannical Babylonian IRS (Illegal Revenue Sharks).  John’s science and online rants of advice have been less frequent since his arrest, so I have been watching his material from last year.  This is one of the funniest BitCoin interviews from 2020.  He did this interview with Tom Shaughnessy:

YouTube Description

Hosts Tom Shaughnessy sits down with John McAfee, the Founder of McAfee AntiVirus and Privacy Coin GHOST. John details his views on Bitcoin, Monero, GHOST and other cryptos, the state of the world and the government and much more. We thank John for joining us on this episode.

John has some hilarious comments in this interview calls Bitcoin “Stupid” tells the host “you looked like a man with a brain” –  How ever he made some very good points, some that have started to become a reality today.  John is right about the following points made about Bitcoin. Bitcoins future value is unpredictable but I do agree with him that it is headed to valueless.  His main point overall here is that Bitcoin is obsolete and decreasing in overall usage as a utility.  The needs consumers have for crypto currency usage today is not supported by Bitcoin.  As a crypto currency user since 2016, I have avoided using Bitcoin all together the whole time.  I never purchased a Bitcoin. I primarily used LTC  (litecoin) and TRX (tron).  When I want to make a crypto purchase I generally look for the lowest in value coin that the vendor accepts as payment.  Last year I used ETH (ethereum).  The reason I stopped using ETH is because the price of it went from $180 per coin to $2200 so it is no longer useful to use for crypto based purchases that are under $500.  I am a person who used crypto for utility more than investment.  In my perspective as a consumer purchasing services with crypto currency are, as follows:   Due to mining/gas/transfer fees associated with purchases, a coin with high value is more costly to use as a utility. I figured that out a while ago from my own use of crypto currency.  For example, sending someone a $16 payment and having to pay a $7 fee to transfer it is a disappointing experience. High Value Coins often  have this problem of high transfer fees for smaller transactions. Experiencing this made me look into alternative coins.  Ethereum has too.

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