The medical consensus is using the media to propaganda the people for the vaccine companies – look at enormous number of vaccines they want in your children – amazing 36+ across the country??? wtf… By 2 years old 36 ???? Massively brain damaging this is hard science not hypothesis — if you vaccinate animals in same manner as human you will damage their brain irreversibly showed time and time again – There is nothing more insane than vaccinating pregnant women, this can result in skitsofrenia and autism – the more vaccines the more increases you will see in schizophrenia and autism — There is nothing big pharma pig demons want more than a no cure mental disease in all people – Most doctors listen to the American academy of family practice / pediatrics who tell their members they have to do this – they don’t understand shit they do or why they doing it they just do what they are told and repeat reasons they were taught to repeat for approval by superiors with ulterior motives then healing people – the flu vaccine most often has no effect on preventing the flu because they guess what its going to be they gamble on what’s going to hit… Its a score they get paid no matter what – The sales floor the doctors saying you need this vaccine don’t even know the real ingredients of the vaccine – brain toxins like formaldehyde , excitotoxins like MSG , thimerosal mercury is just one of many problems there are viruses found in vaccines that aren’t even suppose to be there like pestavirus that causes spontaneous abortion (eugenics) – They found viral fragments in DNA/RNA in vaccines that are non living – inoculating millions of people with viral fragments — viral fragments enter the brain micro glia cell for immunity makes it hyperactive and starts destroying brain cells this is what happens to people with dementia because a fragment of virus enter microglia cell – Numerous FDA Records of vaccine contamination – There is no QUALITY ASSURANCE for vaccine contamination because 1986 Vaccine Injury Act Ronald Reagan removed liability from vaccine manufacturers and distributors – Most vaccine have been manufactured in Communist China where the Wuhan Corona COVID 19 Virus was manufactured


- Dr. Max Stone

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Vaccine Dangers by Neuro Surgeon Video