Global Lockdown is Causing Police State Around The World

Location: New Zeland
Article: Is NZ On the Road to Bolshevism?

The openly Marxist Labour/Green partnership that runs New Zealand is exploiting a series of significant events  – the Christchurch shooting, the contrived Covid-19 scare, and the orchestrated George Floyd protests – to create a totalitarian state.  The strategy relies heavily on fear, division and the suppression of dissent.

The creation of a police state

The shooting on 15 March 2019 of 51 men in two Christchurch mosques by a much-travelled Australian (some say CIA agent), set in train a series of measures by the government which charted a seemingly inexorable course towards the establishment of a police state.

The combination of:

  • the unwarranted censorship after the Christchurch event, accompanied by threats of long prison sentences,
  • the normalisation of armed police calling at family homes for flimsy reasons,
  • the role of the police during the lockdown, and
  • the introduction of new hate speech laws

all serve to create fear in would-be dissidents and protesters.