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Freedom Warrior Features

Benefits: Share your research / document injustice, Let other Freedom Warriors know who you are.
Digital Marketing Benefit: Also you can include 2 Promotional Banners and URL
– Submit your article, video, audio / .pdf to the MentalWakeup.com Research Library Blog
– Includes customizable author page. Allows you to promote you! Include your author logo / photo and a description (you can also add links to your website, telegram and / or other social networks. )
NOTE: We no longer permit links to social networks that censor users or practice Technocracy (.I.E. Amazon. Facebook, Twitter)
– Add up to 2 Promotional Banners and URL (will be added to your post, article, author page is different)

– A Freedom Warrior membership is required to comment on Mental Wakeup posts

Multimedia PDF Newsletter (optional)
– Receive our weekly Newsletter which contains links to more Secure Truth and Freedom Network, The Compound Show schedule, truth music and we include the latest important PDFs embedded directly inside the document. You will also get updates on our latest protest/events re: Censorship on Social Networks, Masks and vaccines. Newsletter also contains periodic coupon codes for products on MentalWakeup.com and mind blowing offers on survival/truth education products from 3rd Party Patriots and featured sponsors.