Freedom Warrior Network is a Social Network originally its own site now built into the HITS Deep Web Research archive created daily by Author community.  Compare our user focused privacy features to a popular World Economic Forum endorsed Social Network, commonly assumed to be safest place by truth researchers:

Telegram Public Group Chat Rooms and 1 on 1 conversations are NOT encrypted – The only way to get encryption in telegram is initiate private / secret chat with another user. Otherwise, you are a sitting duck open to abuse by bots, malicous coders and more.

Our Chat Rooms send all activity a websocket.  All data is first encrypted before sent, then decrypted once returned.  This also applies to any Group Chat, Video Chat, 1 on 1 Conversation – Basically anything you do involving any time of communication with one or multiple users (voice/text/video) are ALL ENCRYPTED.  WhatAPP offers such encyption but do you really trust a social network governed by Facebook/Meta?

We are SAFER FOR USERS COMPARED TO EVERY SOCIAL NETWORK we have checked, we worked hard for 4 months to make sure of this as we built the site twice.  (SpyderNet Test run, then Official Site you are on now) – functionality wise succesfully replaces every functionality (that we know of) of sites like bitchute, rumble, youtube, facebook and telegram – We now even have live streaming built in but we will also be strict and selective when it comes to which users will be permitted to have Author accounts. An application process will be available in Dashboard Area for those interested in the near future.