Below this post are two PDF’s embedded. One is an Oxford published assessment of the “Dark Winter” exercise from June 23, 2001. This paper validates that John Hopkins University (who created Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies)  was involved with the “Dark Winter”  exercise which simulated a small pox virus biological warfare attack on the United States.    The paper also validates that the end result of the virus simulation is mandatory vaccines.  The pandemic also becomes global. Most of the challenges described in the analysis are the ability of the leaders of various nations to supply all citizens vaccines.  This scenario is a problem reaction solution scenario. It plays out exactly how the Covid 19 virus did in the media.  It is interesting to note that June 26th 2020 is the day that lockdown went back in to effect in some counties in California (San Francisco, LA).  With other counties following days after. So 19 years later in the same month a lockdown goes into effect that was simulated back then.

There is a long history of John Hopkins University and The Rockefeller family shaking hands. Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, Baltimore (Md.) was funded by The Rockefeller Family.  Rockefeller invested over $8 million from 1916 to 1947 and also funded more after 1948 into mental health and public health nursing (Source Rockefeller Archives).  A organized intentional global pandemic has been in the making for over a century!    Not to mention the University been researching mental health and public health nursing for over 100 years… And today some specialists are now suggesting calling people “mentally ill” when they refuse a dangerous vaccine in their body.  Professionals and specialists such as this are paid to help control people rather than heal them or fix a medical issue.

In 2010, The Rockefeller releases a report called “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”.  This is the second PDF embedded below this post.  In this document they detail what befits they could get from scenarios such as “Operation Lock Step” (Page: 18, see document below) .  Operation Lock Step is also a Global Elite Pandemic shockingly similar to the John Hopkins “Dead Winter” and Covid 19.  You can read the scenario and in the PDF below.  In addition to this, recently, about one month before the Covid 19 hit Wuhan , The John Hopkins University, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum funded an event called “Event 201” simulating what to do in the event of a global pandemic and what things would occur as a result.  Bill Gates is a notorious lunatic and also has an ugly shady business history with criminals like the late Jeffrey Epstein and David Rockefeller.

It is a fact that Biden used the term “Dead Winter” in his final debate.  After claiming that Trump’s handling of his political parties “Damage Election with Covid 19 Project”   he arrogantly references the old global pandemic exercise called “Dark Winter” which is name of exercise from 2001 just mentioned.  Covid 19 is a new biological weapon that was manufactured not accidental and shot at the entire world.  Top dollar was paid by several wealthy tyrants and power hungry bored and wealthy pigs that want to slave U.S. citizens under their order and controlled grid.  Biden specifically said: “We’re about to go into a dark winter” it is also a fact that the John Hopkins University recently stated in their news letter that everyone should vote for Joe Biden and not for Trump.  The John Hopkins University has been compliant in helping global elitist pig demons like Bill Gates and David Rockefeller plan and prepare for this global elite pandemic for over 100 years.  This virus was intentionally made in a Wu Han lab with assistance from crooked biologists, elite philanthropists hell bent on a digitally tagged monitored tracked population and corrupt government officials around the world.  No a Joe Biden persident is not only a ridiculous idea it will also not save you, it will actually turn you into a slave like never before… Be careful what you ask for if you fell for the democratic parties shenanigans… Seeing so many votes for Biden this election shows how lost and disinformed the country currently really is….

There was an event called “Event 201” funded by John Hopkins (Longterm Rockefeller handshake), Bill and Melinda Gates foundation (Long term Rockefeller handshake).   From wikipedia: “The Event 201 pandemic exercise, conducted on October 18, 2019, vividly demonstrated a number of these important gaps in pandemic preparedness as well as some of the elements of the solutions between the public and private sectors that will be needed to fill them.”

This pandemic exercises simulated a virus scenario similar to Dead Winter and Lock Step with the same teams involved as in the past a month before the virus pandemic started in China.  Now they got the whole world wearing masks looking like idiots decreasing the value of oxygen they breathe every time they wear it.   Why is Bill Gates always accused of wanting a digitally tagged population and to start the process with vaccines?  Just look at what he patents.  When you patent something you plan to do it later as a business.  He wants Windows Human 2025 – His operating system to directly interact with human beings – He wants a cashless society –  Take his Patent #WO2020060606 (notice he always gets 666 in numbers related to him like HR 6666 he met with the senator who campaigned for the trace everybody act several months before the so-called pandemic occurred and millions of dollars were exchanged in between the two as well.)

Patent #WO2020060606  “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data.” Since 2008 Microsoft has been a digital angel and verichip partner.  Digital Angel is responsible for the 1998 patent for a microchip that can interact with the frequencies of the human body.  Verichip was used for smart devices, identification and animal microchip. Todays digital tag is not a microchip it is a biosensor made out of a new substance by Darpa. 

Here is a picture of William Gates Jr (Bill Gates father), George Soros, David Rockefeller,  and Dr. Fauci all spending some time together… David Rockefeller is behind and covered by Barbara Walters in that picture but you can see him clearly here from the same day and some pictures of gates and dr fauci shaking hands and being the friends they are:

Jack Ass MSM liars, Sell out journalists and various half assed wtf digital news outlets are calling all this a “Conspiracy Theory”.  This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a CONSPIRACY FACT! Every one needs to face reality sooner than later, that  Joe Biden is a heartless crooked weasel sellout who shakes hands and does business deals to support the elite tyrants who want you to lose your rights and country and to do as they say and what they want. . and if they succeed they will destroy most of your families and friends one step at a time.. This is guaranteed.