Event 201: Pandemic Simulation Highlights

Here is the highlight footage of Event 201 which simulated a global pandemic similar to Covid 19  in October 2019.  This is original footage publicly available without commentary.  Funded by Bill and Melinda Gates, John Hopkins and the world economic forum. These people are doing an exercise to simulate what would happen if there was a global pandemic that would actually happen a month later in Wuhan alongside with 5g deployment and have the US and all other countries in a infinite lock down after March 20th, 2020.  Globalists do things like this before they do things like what we are all going through.  Covid 19 is a planned biological warfare operation to move U.S. towards World Government.

Bioengineered label protects GMO, because it only labels products that were DNA tested for GMO. The significance of the Chobani corporate office conversation I had becomes clear now what they are doing. They are just clearing the evidence to get the label it doesnt mean the food wasnt genetically modified