To our surprise, after receiving some reports of redirects from WEARE[A] Admins last few days, of random occuring redirects during normal site browsing, we were shocked to find out so-called “Reputable” Google Ads Alternative Adsterra is just as much of a piece of shit as is the Mossad ran Google spy operation.  We have discontinued trial of Adsterra Ad Network due to their script (we think intentionally) randomly forwarding people out of site some time to random advertiser of theirs.  We traced this issue to Adsterra Network, which we tried as an alternative to Google Ads be cause we refuse to integrate this site with anything Google / Amazon / Mossad.  I have confirmed nothing with Adsterra support they are a bunch of  lying bastards , they deny it but there are articles we found all over internet showing they do redirect user to their advertisers and lie to publishers about doing it – . AdsTerra Terminated from our network. Jeez they didnt even last two days… Let this be a warning to other web site developers out there – DO NOT USE AdsTarra they are considered a reputable service its a bunch of B.S. though:

A few examples of Complaints re: Adsterra