Born and Raised in Oklahoma.  Epicsode was heavily influenced by a variety of different music throughout his life.  He found his home with drums and microphone.  A pioneer of the kick and snare.  If there was a cypher in the air he would be there.  Epicsode was already playing the drums as early as the age of 10 and started rhyming soon after that.   He relocated from Oklahoma to San Diego in 1998 , and started wrecking mics locally in San Diego, CA.  He joined MWC in 2013 after meeting Dr. Max Stone and making the track “Go Hunting”.  Dr. Max Stone and Epicsode created numerous tracks for years until 2017.   After the MWC was re-established in 2020 Epicsode returned to the clinic to help spread the good word of “MWC”.  Epicsode is currently in the MWC Studios working on new solo project and the upcoming Mental Wakeup Crew album.  Epicsode will also be guest appearing on several Dr. Max Stone tracks, on the upcoming Dr. Max album “Dr. Wellness and Mr. Wakeup”