“DARPA lifelog was an operation to log a person’s life from birth till death, but they needed a way to do this without having to pay for the information, facebook was launched the same day the Pentagon shelved lifelog????

We all know that Zuckerberg didn’t found facebook, this is common knowledge….

Most of us knows how intrusive Facebook has become especially after the information that has come out over the past several months. The idea for Facebook may have been originally been derived from the DARPA Lifelog project.

By DARPA we mean the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is an agency of the United States Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.

The date of the Lifelog project being shelved is same date that Facebook was “born”: February 4th, 2004!

After all why pay for data mining of personal information through a military project when you can open a social networking app where the users give their information for “FREE”.

I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t pay for information when people would just give it to me through my app freely.

Two other members of Facebook’s Board of Directors in addition to Zuckerberg (Peter Thiel and James Beyer) have ties to datamining and DARPA as well……

Facebook is also known to track all your online activity even if you DON’T have a facebook account, this includes emails, texts, calls, private photos, online browsing and purchases – bank details. Ask yourselves, what entity could have the power to do all of this if it wasn’t government run?????….”

– Contributor to Mental Wakeup Crew Telegram Group

Phase I: 12/21/20 – End Facebook / Twitter (+ ALL MSSN)
Phase II: 1/16/21 – Showdown 1 Live Performance (Mission Complete)
Phase III: TBA