Points of Interest:  * Public Law 102 – 14 – Signed by President in December March 26th, 1991.  Passed by Both Chambers in December 1991 and declared Education Day.  * Every president since Jimmy Carter in 1978 has signed this Document Law – including Donald Trump.  * This law institutes Sanhedrin law in United States * Noahide Laws did not come from God or Bible * Sanhedrin  is the Ancient High Court and Legislature from Israel * Noahide Laws were created by Rabbis that wrote the Talmud * Noahide Laws call for the death of anyone who practices Blasphemy  * Jesus Christ was charged by Sanhedrin with Blasphemy and killed * Worship of Jesus Christ is legally blasphemy and punishable by Death based on Noahide Laws * Stealing from Jews is punishable by Death. * Stealing from Goyim (Gentiles / Cattle) is encouraged. * Sexual Immorality according to Talmudic Law, can not be committed by a Chabadist  * This is a Jewish Theocracy in US Law * Ivanka Trump is a high ranking Chabad-Lubavitch occultist * Ivanka Trump’s mentors teach that Gentiles are Goyim * There is no statement in the life of Noah (Bible) related to any of these laws * Ben Shapiro Quotes from The Talmud often * Prayer and Meditation are considered PAGAN * The Christians are labeled “Idol Worshipers” by Chabadist * Donald Trump is a closet Chabadist, with unpaid loans, filing bankruptcy 7 times, bailed out of bankruptcies by fellow Chabadist * The Vatican strongly supports Noahide Laws, in bed with Chabadists in Israel * PL 102-14 is full of lies and deceit to justify its existence * Main form of execution for these crimes is decapitation * The Noahide Laws are the actual Blasphemy * The ADL was created by a Jewish Pedophile to censor anyone who talks about these things