“Dr Max Stone is an OG Emcee San Diego Hip Hop Vet with decades of experience.  Always does his best to do good for others.  Also the Founder of the fine establishment Mental Wakeup Crew (MWC) EST. 2012.” 

From an early age Dr Max Stone has always been a revolutionary.  Born of a mixture of eastern Indian and Caucasian parents, his DNA consists of various cultures.  The Hip-Hop culture reached Dr. Max Stone as early as elementary school.   Ever since then he has been a soldier for the good fight!  Dr. Max Stone is a long term truth music messenger.  His lyrics, style and sound are therapeutic in a sense to the average listener.  Unique in his delivery, his movement against Big Pharma and Total Government consists of raising awareness in fellow Americans, studying alternative health solutions and freeing the mind, body, soul of mass brainwash and miseducation.  Dr. Max often shares brilliant ideas for making the planet better for life.  Overall this right minded Hip Hop artist is a breath of fresh air.  It would require intelligence, patients and an open mind to truly understand his messages and light.