I would definitely do a better job than any candidate out there ya know… I would get rid of the IRS immediately , I would also get rid of the 1986 vaccine injury act that makes manufacturers of vaccines not liable for damages they do. I would make anyone trying to mandate vaccines immediately removed from the country and stored on a desolate island under surveillance . I would also get rid of Rex 84 Real Example 84 which allowed americans to be put into labor death camps — I would work to bring ICANN back to UNITED STATES and I would also have Hilary Clinton arrested and hanged along side with a lynch mob that only lynch the bush family— I would have biden raped by penguins in the sea world exhibit and then have him arrested for animal abuse after i have his chinese business associates cane him with a steel pipe in the ear – then I would have them put down by firing squad – I would free Julian Assange for WikiLeaks.,. I would ban gun registration and would replace the federal reserve with a US based currency coiner preferably not crypto currency more likely to be paper with my crews faces on it – I would make it illegal to microchip any living thing – I would ban the practice of genetically modifying food period, I would make it a federal offense to add fluoride to anyone’s water supply – I would have Bayer kicked out of the US for war crimes with Nazis – I would definitely spend a large portion of my budget to have bill gates sent to the moon in a cargo box with no oxygen full of rabid pigeons and dirty rats with an ape waiting on the moon with a dress for bill to put on so he can get raped by an ape if he somehow lives on his way to the moon… I would put Jacob Rothschild into a steel crate i would have him in submission with rope and duct tape as well as a muzzle on his face and id probably put a mosquito net around him to aggrivate and I would go to the deepest point of the ocean and drop the crate with him in it and play his children little mermaid so they can listen to under the sea while he drowns… I would also make it a payper view event with a water proof hidden camera and lighting in the steel box lighting – I would ask mermaids to eat his carcass like a dead fish – I would also give Gavin Newsom a domesticated Asian leopard, Vaseline and a ball of yarn this combination itself will kill him or injure him beyond recognition – I would also administer every vaccine that has ever existed 5 times into Gavin Newsome’s right foot and ear – I would shave Nancy Pelosi head and make it illegal for her to wear anything else besides a skeletor outfit – I would piss on all delegated opposition or at least throw water balloon of piss and other nuisance liquid at their face – I would require the Kardashian to relocate to the sewer with their favorite appliances and no electricity or just give 2 of them a pillow and a boring room and play Being There with Peter Sellers and count to 500 and they will be destroyed by this combination and on camera it would be a show- I would ban all robots and all human cyborgs – I would ban cloning human beings and animals – i would change the whole curriculum of every school to actual truth – I would ban any mask requirements of any kind in fact i would make it against the law to wear a mask in a place of business when its not Halloween or required for business – I would remove the entire Hell – I would eradicate Satan for good – I would bring water and love to hell and angels to counsel demos – I will require fat people to goto exercise rehab – I would turn all McDonalds into public restrooms that said McDonalds restroom sign – I would make credit checks for apartment approval illegal – I would make apartment lease illegal i would make it month to month only and i will not tolerate no cash accepted by any business.  I would keep a loaded gun at all times