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DrMaxStone Welcome to Mental Wakeup Chat
DrMaxStone Chat Room Activated
DrMaxStone Still working on this Chat Room but should be good - you can now login to the web site and comment with telegram
DrMaxStone New Features of
- Video Recorder (In Testing)
- Chat Room : Supports Private Messaging, All Chats are Encrypted through SSL on this website
DrMaxStone Click "Chat" in main menu to access all features of the Chat - we still test driving this till we perfect the settings people like
Anonymous2 Video Recorder Testing IN Progress
Anonymous2 Adding Telegram Login To The Sidebar on main page
Anonymous2 Welcome to MWC
DrMaxStone Font Color Issue on site error reported - we are fixing this now
FW-ANON66 The text is white in this box
DrMaxStone 10 4 i see that a plugin update caused font color issues should be fixed within hour
DrMaxStone SDfadfasdfgadf
DrMaxStone Text Issue in Chat fixed
Anonymous2 The Radical Guessworks Solo Album Done - Release Date To Be Announced
Jonah Krosse good morning!
DrMaxStone Whats up Jonah lol good evening
Anonymous2 Tip : On most browswers you can press ctrl + / - to zoom in and out - so if text on any website is too small for you to read just press ctrl + to zoom in . If too big press ctrl - to zoom out . You can press ctrl 0 to return back to normal
FW-ANON704 Anyone from UK groups to chat abt no vaccines or lateral flow test at work. Been asked but not had any test. Dont believe I need to.
DrMaxStone The tests are very inaccurate - You can type "Vaccine" in the search engine here to find articles about vaccines - also check our new NVNM Int3l-V1D Category on
DrMaxStone upadted wordpress to latest version
Anonymous2 Updates to MentalWakeup coming soon
FW-ANON179 We are streaming live now
Anonymous2 We will be updating Mental Wakeup Today
DrMaxStone MWC!!
DrMaxStone We are [A]
Anonymous2 WAKE UP SHEEP
Anonymous2 #HITS #WAARAIG #[A]WOL
DrMaxStone Update 2021 / May 6th: Mental Wakeup is working on new Rhyme Bomb Album title to be announced. Latest tracks PLANVASION and PLANDEMIC will be available to listen to on this website soon!
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