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I am Shaleena Moonstar and my journey for the truth started from a young age I always had a feeling that something wasn’t quite right. I didn’t really like school all my reports said that I was always in my own world (I actually was). My mum has always been a preper and we used to laugh at her but she was always right. I had always wanted to work with children and young people with challenging behaviour I’ve worked with all ages and backgrounds. After a few years I started to see a pattern with the children, there seemed to more boys than girls and then started looking into the vaccines and links between autism and boys. I realised that these people were the ones truly awake. One day woke up and I just could not work with these children anymore because of the way the system was changing. 2016 was the year the anonymous collective caught my eye they started releasing information on facebook/devilbook about what was really going and what has happened to the human story. I started to investigate what they were sharing about human and child trafficking and how nearly everything we touch is linked back to this. I started sharing info with friends and family and most of them thought I was going crazy and I couldn’t understand why they ignored it. Then I started following the elections in the USA with killary and Donald Trump. Something happened and it was like something clicked in my brain I just knew that Trump was going to win. I was even talking to people in the USA and they were convinced that he was going to lose, but I knew and I told them when he finally won they were so surprised and couldn’t work out how I knew the turn out. That’s when I knew I was on to something and then I continued to go down all types of rabbit holes until I stumbled across what the dark ones had really done with the vibrations, frequencies, animals and humans. That was it I knew spirit/god/source was real, I had to be true to myself and continue to walk in my truth. Truth is love ad freedom!