In This Transmission, a previously censored work called THE HIDDEN TYRANNY has been reconverterd into a better / newer text to speech audio book by for the purpose of re-documenting this shocking interview with 1976 Jewish Administrative Assistant Harold W. Rosenthal.  A man who bragged about being a satanist jew who appears was murdered by his own people in a false flag even shortly after this interview happened. The book itself will also be archived in the blacklisted library on the HITS website.  Any content/notes/sources omitted from radio stream are available in PDF Source below the feed which is unedited as recovered from Wayback Machine.

HITS TEAM: Please take note this is for research and / or educational purposes only. We do not necessarily agree with any of the points made by either of the two individuals documented in this interview. Especially, seeing America from the religious point of view of either individual (because it leaves out many other real Americans…. the confessions of evil committed by Mr. Rosenthal and comrades should be a concern to the well being of every non-jewish American Citizen. Regardless of Race or Religious views. It is also a high treason against the People of United States of America.. as well as blatantly disrespectful / hateful towards more than just one culture in America). We can not deny the reality of Harold Rosenthal’s claims still being true to today, nor blame Mr. White for his disgust and conclusions.