As the year 2021 rolls along we’ll start to see a lot of different changes. Within the structure of our cities things are being restarted and rebuild it in the way that we won’t understand but let me give you some insight. China supposedly has one of the controlled environments with the crime rate decreased. We’ll call it artificial intelligence to keep it simple “AI ”. If you haven’t done the research you’ll see that Mark Zuckerberg and many other tech heads have been sharing our information with other countries. The reason for the sharing our information (Really being sold) is so these countries can build up on our personality traits and actions. Elon mask has been asked about al and he has showed nervous expressions when asked the question he couldn’t exhibit anything but bad news about this so called AI. So my next question is….. is it good or bad? I believe only time can tell until everything pans out stay watchful be careful. The research shows (Internet based research) that we have been hacked but my belief and research shows that we have been sold just so things can be created to benefit big tech heads with AI capabilities and installing robotics within humanity. As of now that’s all I have within my research… please checkout my links I share on this article and then give me feedback  here thanks
Article by. Charles Hart 3rd a.k.a. Prince Charles ThaGod