Basically I’m just like everyone else, I have the same background as many other ppl around the globe. I’m Swedish, I grew up in a small village, always loved to read and learn things, I’m curious by nature, always questioning things which might be the reason I’m sitting here cause I don’t take ”just because” for an answer. I whent to college studied molecular biochemestry – Biomedical assistant (lab rat in laymans terms) Worked at the National Food Agency for a couple of years (they are the ones testing all food products in Sweden so there’s not too high amounts of pesticides or other prohibited chemicals present in the food we eat) and I got to be part of the Acrylamid project and some EU project as well.

Changed lanes – I’ve always questioning things and I think that comes from having a creative mind. And this we all have in different shapes and forms, it’s a part of being human, to want to explore and try to figure things out how they work and how to improve things. It’s part of our inherent nature. Growing up it was more of the socially acceptant form that you had a real job like a BMA and you did art as a hobby. You couldn’t do many things, if you did you were seen as not competent in any field. Kind of, only allowed to be good at one thing only. But I felt that I wanted to take a chanse on me and do what I wanted to do and felt passionate about, which was art/photography/writing. So I took a leap and wrote a book, a novel. Later I started with photographing , painting and all creative things that I felt was right for me to do. This is actually the thing that is so important for everyone to do today, to find yourself and stand tall in who you truly are, independently of what anyone else thinks. This is what growing up is really about, being you to the fullest extent. No-one can be you but you.

Moving – Decided to move from Sweden to Denmark cause the climate in Sweden had become a bit more hostile with a lot of crimes and violance, which was a bit scary. We wanted more freedom. Looking back we kind of got the opposite. Instead of local violence, we got global violence. I could see very early on that things were not adding up, because of my training. All of this made me feel small and helpless, not knowing what to do. Then I realised that if I don’t speak up, with what I know and see and share, that I’m actually complying. I have to contribute with what I know. So here we are; and I’m finding myself having to learn a lot more subjects than I ever thought nessesary but these are the things we were supposed to have learned in school, like the laws, the way our society works, information how it’s being handled and so on. Today I and all of us have to wear a lot of different hats. * Message – If there’s something I’d like to convey to everyone is that you have the power to change everything and to shape the world as you wish it to be. But you have to be the change. You have to find you (grow up) and stand tall. Find your superpower, cause we all got them! Then use that power in the world cause you and I and none of us can sit in silence and comply. Cause they won’t stop and we can’t wait for some other hero to come and rescue us. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. – Theres Amren