Over the last year there has been widespread concern regarding the potential health risks associated with the implementation of the new 5G Network.   Scientists, Doctors and other specialists around the world have raised concerns and also even pushed for a delay of the new technology in some countries.  If their concerns are valid then 5G may be a death certificate for the masses potentially killing more people than any virus ever has or could.  If so, that would make 5G a silent weapon for a secret war against humanity.

It seems every city that had Corona Virus first had 5g rolled out a few months before. In late October 2019 Wuhan, China rolled out 10,000 5G antennas.  Presently, Wuhan is the most 5G city in the world.  In December 2019 AT&T announced that San Francisco and San Jose now have 5G network.   Both Wuhan, China and San Francisco were in lock down mode almost magically in order.  5G was used in military applications prior to its “deployment”.  Scientists and Doctors around the world for the past year have been warning of cellular damage, DNA change, and most interestingly “Anti Biotic Resistance in Bacteria” according to Dr. Magda Havas PHD.  This means anti biotics will not work properly when there is a virus if so.