From TargetFreedomUSA: 

Summary of what these videos show: Hitler cooperated with the eventual founders of Israel from 1933 onward; Nazism was essentially another Zionist operation, funded by the Rothschild-circle-of-International-Bankers and key corporations on Wall Street.

Hitler was tasked, — with the help of IBM from the month he came to power in March, 1933, — with identifying and/or rounding up as many everyday Jews as possible in order to immediately — or eventually — get them down to Palestine for the eventual brutal takeover of Palestine by the worldwide Jewish Shadow Government.

The takeover of Palestine by “Israel” happened in 1948, three years after World War II ended, and Hitler was shuffled off the world stage. Note to especially Jewish researchers: see the 1961 book, “Perfidy” by Ben Hecht, in conjunction with viewing the two key videos mentioned above and linked further down on this page. Ben Hecht was himself a large fundraiser for the Zionists leading up to the founding of Israel in 1948.

A Jewish screenwriter in Hollywood, Hecht was an assistant to David O’Selznick for the movie, “Gone with the Wind”, and wrote the screenplay for the movie, “Farewell to Arms.” What Hecht found, to his utter dismay, was that the founders of Israel didn’t care how many everyday Jews were caught in the crossfire of the Rothschild plans during WW II, or how many died, or were killed, along the way. He exposes that the top Zionist in the USA, Europe and Palestine were trying to PREVENT everyday Jews from being released from the concentration camps because they wanted them there after the war ended to force them to go to Palestine for the takeover which happened in 1948. In the book, “Against Our Better Judgement”, author Alison Weir quotes Ben Hecht as saying that Hitler was the main funder of the founding of Israel through the Transfer Agreement. (!!!)

What’s the Transfer Agreement? In the video below featuring author and scholar Edwin Black on this “Transfer Agreement”, Black reveals that the Nazis issued a coin with Nazi symbols on one side, and Zionist symbols on the other. ( !!! ) The Journal of Palestine Studies in the August 1976 issue, in an article by Klaus Polkein, reported that a ship left from Germany for Palestine in 1936 – flying both a Nazi Swastika flag and a Star of David flag on the mast. This IS Hidden History! The Transfer Agreement is where Hitler sent German made goods to the Zionist Jews in Palestine and let them mark the goods up and make a profit by re-selling the German goods! – Jim Condit Jr.

Comment from YouTube Poster, The Rape of Justice, who uploaded this radio show (below) to his Youtube channel; comment posted on Dec 12, 2013.

Message from YouTube: “After a judicial complaint this video can no longer be watched on YouTube sites in: Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia, France, Israel, Austria, Italy, Germany, Guadeloupe, Czech Republic, Martinique, Switzerland, French Polynesia, French Southern Territories, Mayotte, French Guiana, Reunion, Poland, Saint Pierre and Miquelon.” [Comment on this comment from Jim Condit Jr.: I’d sure like to see that “judicial complaint.” ???? ]
Earlier Comment by “The Rape of Justice” about the banning of his YouTube Channel in some countries after he uploaded this video: “Thank you. I’m sorry this channel is blocked in France since I’ve uploaded this video with Christopher Jon Bjerknes and Jim Condit jr. Apparently, some people in France think Jim Condit jr. and Christopher Jon Bjerknes are even more dangerous truthspeakers than for example Eustace Mullins, Henry Makow, Antony Sutton, Ezra Pound, Marvin Antelman, David Icke, Joseph P. Farrell, Jay Weidner, David Jacobs, Webster Tarpley, John Todd, Judy Wood, Stewart Swerdlow, Cliff Shack, and many others… ” 

Nunya Bidness — 3 months ago
Wow. One of the best interviews I’ve ever heard. Not just the content, but everything else too. Thanks!

E. Howard Hunt – 3 months ago

Usually I have a short attention span and couldn’t manage 3 hours but I found this interview absolutely fascinating.
I used to think this $#!& was crazy. Now I think I’m one of the few who is willing to let go of the slave programming. I am awake. I hope that others follow

salmon rushty – 1 year ago
i had so many questions about zionism, nazi germany, jews, germans, rothschild bankers, WW2, WW1, hitler, the holocaust………all of them got answered in this interview. i believe i came out of this with a new world view. absolutely amazing piece of history. its like ive been living in the matrix, now i live outside it with the knowledge of what the matrix is. thanks for this ” 

TheTrans22 – 1 year ago
Fantastic interview

reggieD100 – 1 year ago
one of the most fascinating interviews Ive ever heard in my life. Christopher Jon Bjerknes is a true intellectual heavyweight.

jj watts – 1 year ago
Mind blown. Damn history channel been lying to me and the history books? Wow BIGGEST DECEPTION OF HISTORY

simon x –1 year ago
hi, for his vegetarian diet it ‘s well known,anyone who knew hitler knew that he was a veggie boy and i think even in mein kampf he mentions that too . so, to me it was just a cover to avoid eating pork which represents 50% of the meat intake of germans as for his circumcision there was a big article in 1992 about his private life and his dr confessed that hitler has never allowed him to check his [privates] even when it was a necessity so that can only explain one thing : he was circumcised jew !

Tesla Advocate – 1 year ago
I feel overwhelmed too. My brain can’t process anymore. Obviously, Hitler fled to Argentina and lived there until he died. Just google.

 Here is the Radio Show discussing the Nazi-Zionist Connection DVD: