Earlier this week. as I was doing some historical research on other areas of interest her e at The Compound, I  came across some interesting material that really Sparked my interest. Without going off topic, I think it  would be best to share some background about my upbringing. I  was raised in a fairly strict christian home, and indoctrinated in the faith from an early age. We attended church 1-2 times per week and  participated in other church related- activities, like camping trips, potlucks, and revivals. My father was authoritarian; whatever he said was law, no room for questions or discussions. Other rules included, observing the traditional Jewish sabbath, conforming to a vegetarian diet, and limited exposure to “mainstream media.”  Things began to ease up for us around High School, which in turn was both good and bad for obvious reasons.

This was the beginning of self-discovery for me and also the building of my Ego. I realize now that my performance in school and life in general, was based in large part on my need for attention and above all knowledge of self.  Moving forward to the “now,” I can honest;y say that I’ve only scratched the surface of my journey of self-realization.

So, getting back to the confirmation I needed, I found it in a most unlikely place. It was a portion of a speech by Louis Farrakhan, Leader of the Nation of Islam, speaking in the intentional “dumbing down” of  Americans he says, “Boards of education, wont’t allow it [phonics] in the public schools, but it can be taught in Catholic Schools or Private School, you are paying for an education that is deliberately dumbing down your children . You can find this excerpt at the 37:55 mark in the attached video. Last year I looked at  data from SDUSD  and was shocked to see how low test scores were across the board.  The public High SchoolsThere was also high drop out rates at most  in the district.

Also in the video you will find a detailed explanation on how hip=hop music is being used to manipulate and exploit the American people.  The Ashke-nazi  (fake)  Jews, and Zionists who hold top positions in banks, big business and governments around the world have been shown to be the source of this criminal enterprise. The worst part is that most  of this criminal activity is done right under our noses.  it’s plain to see that this is nothing more than forced servitude, i.e. slavery. I look forward to exposing more of these operations in future posts. More information can be found on our telegram channel entitled under Mental Wakeup Crew;  articles, pics and videos..