Earl Jesse, [19.03.21 12:23]
[Forwarded from Earl Jesse]
[ File : CRIME_REPORT_MC_19032021.pdf ]
Saturday 20th March – Manchester – Freedom Passport!!!

Manchester (audio clip)

Please listen to the voice message for help filling in the form. The form is a Crime Report. So by filling in the form and carrying it with you, you will be reporting a crime to a specific police station. Which means you must NOT be stopped or blocked from doing so, otherwise this is a perversion of justice. Meaning the individual(s) stopping you will automatically become an accessory to the crime too.

Please print off as many copies of the Crime Report as you can (ideally around 10 each) and bring them with you to Manchester. These will be for those who are unable to print off the documents.
Pens will be provided on the day, also a limited amount of envelopes. In places like poundland they sell 55 envelopes for £1. If you have your own envelopes please use them or bring spares.

Earl Jesse, [19.03.21 12:23]
[Forwarded from Earl Jesse]
Once you have filled in the form, either scan or photograph it for your own proof/evidence.

Crimes have been committed and you will either be a witness or a victim. Either way, it is your duty to report these crimes.

The plan is to start in a selected location then walk to the police station and hand in the thousands of Crime Reports to a small legal team who will document the amount, then hand in the reports so they can be dealt with individually.

Collectively we will change this country for the better. Crimes will not go unnoticed or ignored anymore. It is time to shine the light on the criminals and make sure they are punished for their crimes.

Be peaceful, respectful and carry love in your hearts. The tide is turning, the tsunami of light will crush these dark dark days. The righteous will prevail, for we have already won!!!

Peace out sisters and brothers!

See you all tomorrow 😄