UPDATE: On May 24th , 2017 Mental Wakeup Podcast released a show questioning Sprouts, Whole Foods and Chobani yogurt with recorded evidence of managers and corporate office responses, investigating the result of the dark act which removed labeling for GMO products in food. The manager of sprouts admitted that he didn’t even believe his unlabeled organic product line was really organic unless I went to the farm itself. Since 2017 a new regulation on labeling is requiring “detected” GMOs in the label “Bioengineered” but if you listen to show Chobani was already saying Non-Gmo by burning non organic fruit in yogurt so long that it burn the pesticides and gmo to undetectable levels. Which also removes the point of the fruit, nutrition. Europhins was a 3rd party GMA associate like Starbucks (GMA pushed no GMO labeling in food). Watch out for food companies that want to feed the planet, they want to engineer people too… The new regulation uses the term “Bioengineered” and it doesn’t go into affect till 2022. However even once it goes into effect unless it is “detected” it will not be labeled.

Bioengineered label protects GMO, because it only labels products that were DNA tested for GMO. The significance of the Chobani corporate office conversation I had becomes clear now what they are doing. They are just clearing the evidence to get the label it doesnt mean the food wasnt genetically modified

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