Programmed people be like…. I’m just doin what I’m told to do…….. ok well if thats true then if they say kill yourselves would you use that statement? Don’t live in their psuedo-reality! Create your own. Respect yourself and check your self as well. If you hang with people that want and want and want….. what do you think you’ll turn into a giver or a taker? However you also have to consider what devices take from you in your life. Anything you watch on TV creates a feeling and within that feeling is a higher vibration and lower vibration… We are and always have been on a low vibe. The reason is… well, we let others tell us who we are with history that we don’t truly know to be true… we just let many tell us this and that… If you do take the time required to properly research then deep search and you wil. find truth cause you did your due diligence. Here at Mental Wakeup we believe in claims backed with factual data. We don’t allow some randoms to tell us fake history and then parrot what they said to learn if we are right or wrong… Anything Questionable is to be researched, documented and posted on this website, yet only once confirmed fact. However, this does not apply to an article labeled opinion.