Donald Trump claims globalism and nationalism at the same time while leaving his nutts at home when meeting NAFTA partners. This is a complete contradiction to his MAGA agenda of putting America first while rejecting globalism.

Is Trump becoming like his old friends? Another Bush/Clinton style presidency with new clothes???

In the year 2000, it looks like Donald Trump fondled Billary Clinton at a tennis tournament:
donald trump grabs clinton

“Hey, I’m a nationalist and a globalist,”  Wall Street Journal reports Donald Trump said on Thursday. “I’m both.”

Trump also said that he may get rid of NAFTA “if we’re unable to make a deal, but hopefully we won’t have to do that.”

It also looks like he hopes nobody finds out about the year 2000 tennis orgy he had with fat boy and Billary:
3 some

In addition to this Pompeo, Trump and Sessions have called for WikiLeaks Julian Assange to be arrested, and that it is a priority. How did we go from “Arrest Clinton” to “Arrest Assange”??? Perhaps Trumps long list of Globalist ties is changing his agenda and turning his cabinet into a NWO servant.

Julian Assange interviewed by Ron Paul


These people either have been or are currently CFR Members: 

Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser
Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court
Robert Lighthizer, the U.S. trade representative
Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao (married to Mitch McConnell)

Other CFR Connections: 
ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson (ExxonMobil is a Corporate member of CFR)

Here is a quote from Rex at a CFR meeting:

“I also want to thank [Council on Foreign Relations President] Richard [Haass] for inviting me today. Although this is my first time speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations, from a historical perspective, it feels a little bit like home. Some of you may or may not know the building we’re in was once the private residence of Harold Pratt, who was a former director of the Standard Oil Company. I also feel at home because the Council [on Foreign Relations] was founded on a number of beliefs that I share and that I trust most of you do, as well, and that is the belief in the promise of international engagement and in the potential for global approaches to meeting this nation’s challenges.” ~ Rex Tillerson, March 9, 2007

Previous Bilderberg Attendees: 

Texas Governor Rick Perry Energy Secretary
Secretary of Defense James Mattis (Austria 2015)

Another Skull & Bones/CFR connection: Stephen A. Schwarzman, Trump Advisor (1969, chairman and CEO of the Blackstone Group). He established Blackstone with Peter G Peterson, who is considered a chairman of the CFR. We discussed Blackstone Group in track “Diego Garcia”  recorded few years ago and included on the 2017 MWC release “Raygunomix versus The Priesthood” album.

Rothschild agent Wilbur Ross JR:  we mentioned in a previous article.
This isn’t flying to well with Mental Wakeup, several Trump voters, nor other Defenders of the Republic…. Trump is now looking like one word to many of us “Traitor”

Meanwhile, real patriots like Ron Paul interview Julian Assange and support freedom of press and speech.



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