The video that ended Ted Cruz Republican Nomination

2016 Election Scam Film – Part II – Ted “Fluffer” Cruz
Conspiracy Fact: As Mental Wakeup Radio was rendering this scene, which is Part 2 of our 2016 Election Scam Documentary (Candidate Profile of Ted Cruz Segment) – Ted Cruz actually dropped from the presidential election and dropped his Republican nomination… While we were watching the beta version, we were laughing so hard at this gumby fluffer called Ted Cruz… It seemed he felt our resentment from a distance..somewhat amazing he quit the race while we were rendering this movie… you can call it an energy thing, but we are confident our efforts to expose this gumby, that these efforts contributed to Ted losing his heart to continue lying to people about being a potential good leader for a country in distress… Unless you are brainwashed by Rush Limbaugh, you would be happy that Ted “Fluffer” Cruz got the blues and threw in the towel too.. He still remains on our 2016 Candidate Scam shit list and its obvious he is a NWO Fluffer… so he still gets as he would say “my butt and ASSpirations” exposed!